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Brasileirão Matchday 6 Roundup

Last Updated on May 14, 2024 1:41 pm by Erwin Noguera

Now that things have been wrapped up in the Matchday 6 of the Brasileirão, things become a lot more interesting, as the teams in the top six have all reassured that they are in the fight to get to the top, and even though we had doubts for one of the top teams, they managed to deliver and show that they are a top class contender this season. 

Atletico-PR and Bahia continue their fight over the lead with victories in their most recent outings,while also increasing the gap to two points over the 3rd-placed Flamengo. 

Botafogo, São Paulo, and Cruzeiro are all drawn one point behind Flamengo after the recent results, which places them three behind the top.

Even though both of the Leading teams can’t have a rest yet, their momentum keeps getting better and better, which means that we are likely to have one close fight for a while now, making things interesting for all fans.

With the bottom three teams sinking in there, all the teams from 14th to 17th are drawn at five points, which means that they are all in relegation danger unless they can get some momentum going. Criciuma went from 17th to 14th with their most recent win and is now leading that bunch.

Brasileirão Matchday 6: Flamengo 2 – 0 Corinthians

When and where?

Saturday, May 11, 3:00 pm ET at the Maracanã

Moneyline odds: 

Flamengo 1.62

Corinthians 5.8

Draw Offs: 


Where can I watch it? 

PremiereStar+Paramount+, and Vix

Flamengo managed to get back in the win column on their last game, by entertaining their home crowd with a match in which they seemed to have total control. That is, except for the fact that the teams went ham with the fouls, scoring a total of 28 between both sides.

The team got an early lead when Pedro managed to score in the 20th minute, with Corinthians unable to answer the aggression during the first half.

In the 63rd minute, Lorran decided to get his own goal and push the hosts to a 2-0 lead, which Corinthians could do nothing about except take it home at the end of the match, remaining in relegation danger.

Brasileirão Matchday 6: Palmeiras 0 – 2 Athletico-PR

When and where? 

Sunday, May 12, 3:00 pm ET at the Arena Barueri

Moneyline odds: 

Palmeiras 1.74

Athletico-PR 4.865

Draw Offs: 


Where can I watch it? 

PremiereStar+Paramount+, and Vix

The current top team has made a clear statement this weekend, as they not only managed to get a victory against the defending Champions, but they had an excellent performance as visitors. That allowed them to keep the top of the scoreboard, but they did so as visitors to a team that is quite strong and was a huge favorite here.

Palmeiras was caught by a goal from Pablo in the 9th minute of added time in the first half. But it was when Gustavo Gomez scored an own goal that they sealed their coffin.

Things went downhill afterward when Lucas Esquivel got himself a red card and left the team with only ten.

Brasileirão Matchday 6: Fortaleza 1 – 1 Botafogo

When and where? 

Sunday, May 12, 3:00 pm ET at the Castelão

Moneyline odds: 

Fortaleza 2.12

Botafogo 3.545

Draw Offs: 


Where can I watch it? 

PremiereStar+Paramount+, and Vix

Botafogo and Fortaleza had quite an entertaining clash, which started pretty fast, as the locals scored their first goal early once Tomas Pochettino landed the ball inside the net in the 10th minute.

The visitors were not going to stand and take it either, as Danilo Barbosa da Silva scored in the 41st minute, taking things to a draw by the time they entered the second half.

With ten yellow cards between both sides and no goals in the 2nd half, the teams split points, and now Botafogo is placed 4th on the board.

Brasileirão Matchday 6: Bahia 1 – 0 Bragantino

When and where? 

Sunday, May 12, 5:30 pm ET at the Fonte Nova Arena

Moneyline odds: 

Bahia 1.95

Bragantino 3.78

Draw Offs: 


Where can I watch it? 

PremiereStar+Paramount+, and Vix

Bahia managed to get a fairly easy victory, as the team not only had Thaciano scoring a goal in the 37th minute, but they also attacked less than half as much as Bragantino did while being the only team to score during the match.

The teams kept possession at 49% to 51% in favor of the visitors, while racking up five yellow cards between both sides.

One way or the other, Bahia’s effectiveness during this match managed to make Bragantino look bad, as the hosts kept themselves tied at the top of the leaderboards, and they are now enjoying a three-match winning streak and five-match unbeaten run.

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