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The All-Powerful Claudinho

Claudio Luiz Rodrigues Parisi Leonel or “Claudinho” is a Brazilian soccer player who was born on January 28, 1997 in São Vicente, São Paulo, Brazil.
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< wpimage aligncenterid6112sizeSluglargelinkDestinationnone > <div class=wp block image><figure class=aligncenter size large><img src=httpswwwgambylcomwp contentuploads202106EzslR5BXEAIdx0ojpg alt= class=wp image 6112><figure><div> < wpimage > < wpparagraph > <p><strong>Claudio Luiz Rodrigues Parisi Leonel or Claudinho<strong> is a Brazilian soccer player who was born on January 28 1997 in <strong>São Vicente São Paulo Brazil<strong> He currently plays as an attacking midfielder or a forward for the <strong>Red Bull Bragantino<strong> team which plays for <strong>Brasileirão Serie A<strong> At the young age of 6 <strong>Claudinho<strong> joined <strong>Santoss<strong> youth ranks Still it was not until 2015 when he signed a professional contract with <strong>Corinthians<strong> after impressing everyone with a brilliant performance in <strong>Santos U17<strong><p> < wpparagraph > < wpparagraph > <p><strong><em>His career start<em><strong><p> < wpparagraph > < wpparagraph > <p>His beginnings in football were not as everyone imagined at <strong>Santos<strong> he practiced futsal from 6 to 14 years old When he was 11 years old he began to practice soccer 11 but he maintained both modalities until they made him choose between one or the other and he opted for soccer 11 at age 14 He was at Santos until he was 18 years old when a disagreement with management led him to find another team<p> < wpparagraph > < wpparagraph > <p>In 2015 <strong>Corinthians <strong>signed him but <strong>Claudinho <strong>did not have a minute in that championship with the first team Corinthians was champion of the <strong>Brazilian <strong>tournament that year<p> < wpparagraph > < wpparagraph > <p>His second year at <strong>Corinthians <strong>was not very good either he only had the opportunity to play 5 minutes with the <strong>Paulista A1 Cup game<strong> So he accepts the opportunity to go on loan to <strong>Bragantino<strong> from <strong>Serie B<strong> of Brazilian soccer After 20 games without scoring a goal he changed his scene again through a loan to <strong>Santo André<strong> wherein 16 games he scored 4 goals and gave 1 assist<p> < wpparagraph > < wpparagraph > <p>After ending his contract with <strong>Corinthians<strong> in 2017 he was released and signed by <strong>Porte Preta<strong> a <strong>Serie A<strong> team In this team he played 20 games and only gave 2 assists<p> < wpparagraph > < wpparagraph > <p>His poor performance earned him to get out of loan again to two teams in a year first to <strong>Red Bull Brasil<strong> where he played the <strong>Paulista Cup and the Paulista A1 Championship<strong> in 2018 Then that same year he was loaned to the <strong>Oeste<strong> of Serie B Between the two teams he adds 40 games with 4 goals and 3 assists<p> < wpparagraph > < wpparagraph > <p>Then the merger between <strong>Red Bull Brazil<strong> and <strong>Bragantino<strong> took place and <strong>Claudinho<strong> was again loaned to the <strong>Serie B<strong> team <strong>Red Bull Bragantino this<strong> helped the team achieve a promotion to <strong>Serie A<strong> played 35 games and scored 10 goals and gave 11 assists<p> < wpparagraph > < wpparagraph > <p>Finally in the 20192020 season <strong>Red Bull Bragantino <strong>took over <strong>Claudinhos<strong> file and began playing full time with the team In this team <strong>Claudinho<strong> achieved the consistency that he desired and is a fundamental piece for the team today In this season in 40 games played he scored 20 goals and gave 6 assists notably improving his scoring side<p> < wpparagraph > < wpparagraph > <p><strong>Next you will enjoy the best moments of Claudinho<strong><p> < wpparagraph > < wpembed urlhttpswwwyoutubecomwatchv=Nsix1innDWgtypevideoproviderNameSlugyoutuberesponsivetrueclassNamewp embed aspect 16 9 wp has aspect ratio > <figure class=wp block embed is type video is provider youtube wp block embed youtube wp embed aspect 16 9 wp has aspect ratio><div class=wp block embed wrapper> httpswwwyoutubecomwatchv=Nsix1innDWg <div><figure> < wpembed > < wpparagraph > <p><strong><em><u>Video courtesy of wwwyoutubecom and the YouTube channel Futcrown<u><em><strong><p> < wpparagraph > < wpparagraph > <p><strong>Next game data<strong><p> < wpparagraph > < wpparagraph > <p>ü <strong><em>When is it <em><strong><em>The game will be on Wednesday Jun 09 2021<em><p> < wpparagraph > < wpparagraph > <p>ü <strong><em>What time is it <em><strong><em>The game starts at 2030 ET<em><p> < wpparagraph > < wpparagraph > <p>ü <strong><em>Where <em><strong><em>Nabi Abi Chedid Stadium in the city of São Paulo Brazil<em><p> < wpparagraph >

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