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Bundesliga Matchday 34 Betting Favorites

Bundesliga Matchday Betting Favorites
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The German Bundesliga is ending, and this weekend, we will be treated to the action and excitement of the final matchday of the 2023/24 season, round 34.

The focus is on unprecedented achievements, intense battles, and the lure of European soccer positions. Stories abound, with a particular focus on Bayer Leverkusen, who aim to crown their historic championship win for the first time by finishing the season undefeated. Their run has been a testament to consistency and resilience, and all eyes will be on them as they look to etch their name in the history books of German soccer.

But the drama does not stop there. The race for second place promises to be a nail-biting affair, with perennial power Bayern Munich taking on an ambitious VfB Stuttgart. Both clubs are determined to secure the coveted runner-up spot, adding an extra layer of excitement to proceedings. In addition, the battles for European places continue as teams fight to qualify for continental competitions, adding urgency and high stakes to the final day. With the fervent atmosphere of a Bundesliga final, fans can look forward to a captivating display of skill, determination, and the unwavering passion that defines German soccer.

Leverkusen’s quest for unbeaten glory, the clash for second place between Bayern and Stuttgart, and the fierce competition for European qualification will surely provide an exhilarating crescendo of action. Below, we bring you a preview of the best games on the final day of the German Bundesliga, with their respective betting odds and our free predictions.

Bundesliga Matchday 34: Hoffenheim vs. Bayern

When and Where?

Saturday, May 18, 9:30 am ET at the PreZero Arena

Moneyline odds: 

Hoffenheim 3.47 

Bayern 1.82

Draw Offs: 


Where can I watch it? 


Hoffenheim is in seventh place in the Bundesliga standings, clinging to the final qualifying spot for the Europa Conference League with 43 points. However, their position is far from secure, as eighth-placed Freiburg are hot on their heels with 42 points. Should they suffer a defeat to Bayern Munich on the final day of the season, they risk losing their coveted European spot.

Hoffenheim has been one of the positive surprises of the 2023/24 Bundesliga season, performing consistently well and maintaining a place in the top half of the table. While they still have little chance of overtaking Eintracht Frankfurt in sixth place, they should be cautious. Beating Bayern, known as a challenging feat, will require a great team performance.

The team comes into this matchday confidently, having recently achieved a resounding 6-0 victory over Darmstadt.

On the other hand, Bayern München is in second place with 78 points, well behind leaders Bayer Leverkusen. However, VfB Stuttgart are just two points behind them in third place. If they falter against Hoffenheim and Stuttgart secure a win, the Bavarians could end the season in third place.

As reigning Bundesliga champions and one of the strongest teams in German soccer, Bayern Munich has a record of 23 wins, three draws, and seven defeats. Their attack has been prolific, scoring 92 goals and conceding 41.

In their most recent match, they defeated Wolfsburg 2-0, thanks to goals from Lovro Zvonarek and Leon Goretzka. However, they suffered a 1-2 loss to Real Madrid in the Champions League semifinals and a 1-3 loss to Stuttgart in the Bundesliga. 

For this match, our prediction is a win for Bayern.

Hoffenheim vs. Bayern Betting Pick: Bayern

Bundesliga Matchday 34: Bayer Leverkusen vs. Augsburg

When and Where?

Saturday, May 18, 9:30 am ET at the BayArena

Moneyline odds: 

Bayer Leverkusen 1.31 

Augsburg 8.15

Draw Offs: 


Where can I watch it? 


Leverkusen have solidified their status as one of the best teams in European soccer this season. In addition to being Bundesliga champions, they have managed to go undefeated in all competitions, an unprecedented feat in European soccer.

Their victories are nothing short of remarkable, but what is even more impressive is their ability to bounce back and avoid defeats. A good example was their Europa League semifinal second leg against Roma, where they were down 0-2 in the 82nd minute. However, they showed resilience and managed to equalize in the 97th minute with a goal from Josip Stanisic, preserving their unbeaten run.

Leverkusen are comfortably at the top of the Bundesliga table with an outstanding record of 26 wins and six draws, scoring 82 goals and conceding only 23.Their offensive prowess, combined with a solid defensive line, has allowed them to dominate the league this season.

Augsburg is currently in tenth place in the Bundesliga table, with a record of ten wins, nine draws, and 14 defeats. They have scored 49 goals and conceded 58. The team started the season strongly and even found themselves in the European qualification places during the first half of the campaign. However, their performance declined in the second half of the season, resulting in their current position.

In this sense, Augsburg comes into this match after suffering four consecutive defeats, including a recent 1-0 home loss to Stuttgart. Their form has deteriorated significantly in the last months, winning just one of their last nine league games. That kind of performance could take you quickly to the second division, so they should stop the trend before it extends to the next season.

For this match, our winner’s chip is on Bayer Leverkusen.

Bayer Leverkusen vs. Augsburg Betting Pick: Bayer Leverkusen

Bundesliga Matchday 34: Eintracht Frankfurt vs. RB Leipzig

When and Where?

Saturday, May 18, 9:30 am ET at the Deutsche Bank Park

Moneyline odds: 

Eintracht Frankfurt 3.11 

RB Leipzig 2.22

Draw Offs: 


Where can I watch it? 


Eintracht Frankfurt has faced several performance challenges throughout this season. However, they have managed to stay in a position within the European qualification places. Therefore, it would not be accurate to describe this season as disappointing or marked by failures.

The Eagle is in sixth place in the standings, with a record of 11 wins, 13 draws, and 9 defeats, scoring 49 goals and conceding 48. The team has struggled to string together wins in recent weeks, resulting in inconsistent performances. However, their place in European football is assured, as they hold a 4-point lead over Freiburg with one game remaining.

In their last five matches, Eintracht Frankfurt have recorded one win, one draw, and three defeats, with their most recent result being a 1-1 draw against Borussia Mönchengladbach.

Meanwhile, RB Leipzig has shown remarkable consistency during the 2023/24 German Bundesliga season, securing a place in the upcoming Champions League and consolidating their position in the top four of the standings.

Due to changes in the Champions League format, the number of direct qualifiers from each league for next season may vary. Therefore, Germany now has five direct qualifiers for the prestigious club tournament, instead of the previous four.

RB Leipzig have recorded three wins and two draws in their last five matches, and their most recent draws were against Hoffenheim and Werder Bremen, both with 1-1 scores.

For this match, our prediction is a draw on the scoreboard.

Eintracht Frankfurt vs. RB Leipzig Betting Pick: Draw

Bundesliga Matchday 34: Stuttgart vs. Borussia Mönchengladbach

When and Where?

Saturday, May 18, 9:30 am ET at the MHPArena

Moneyline odds: 

Stuttgart 1.30 

Borussia Mönchengladbach 8.68

Draw Offs: 


Where can I watch it? 


Stuttgart has had an impressive season in the German Bundesliga, currently occupying third place with a record of 22 wins, four draws, and seven losses. They are just two points behind second-placed Bayern Munich and have a chance to overtake them in the standings with one game remaining. The team will be highly motivated to secure a win in their final match and move up to second place.

Stuttgart have performed consistently well throughout the season, showing their quality and determination. They have secured wins against top teams such as Bayern Munich and Dortmund, which adds to their strong form.

In contrast, Borussia Mönchengladbach has had a disappointing season, currently in 13th place. They have only managed 7 wins, 13 draws, and 13 defeats, accumulating 34 points. Their defense has been weak, conceding 63 goals, while their attack has struggled to score consistently.

Gladbach is only four points ahead of the relegation playoff spot, which made the end of the season stressful for them. Finishing 13th is considered a bad result for a club like them, accustomed to European football, and they will need to improve in the next campaign.

Borussia Mönchengladbach comes into this match on the back of three consecutive draws in the Bundesliga, narrowly avoiding relegation. Their most recent, match ended in a 1-1 draw against Eintracht Frankfurt.

For this match, our prediction is a win for Stuttgart.

Stuttgart vs. Borussia Mönchengladbach Pick: Stuttgart

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