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Haiti vs. Canada Preview, Predictions & Picks

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Haiti vs. Canada Preview, Predictions & Picks

The qualifying rounds for the Qatar 2022 World Cup continues at the CONCACAF qualifying rounds, where the second round is being played—made up of the 6 teams that finished in first place in their respective groups, determining who will qualify. Finally, they will face Costa Rica, Honduras, Jamaica, Mexico, and the United States.

Next up will be a duel between Haiti and Canada, teams that currently come to this match in excellent shape and undefeated. This game will be played this Saturday, June 12, 2021, at the Sylvio Cator Stadium, in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

How do Haiti and Canada arrive?

The Caribbean team of Haiti comes to this match after being in the first place of Group E of the first round of the qualifying rounds for the Qatar 2022 World Cup of CONCACAF, after beating Belize 2-0, Turks and Caicos Islands 10-0 and Nicaragua 1-0. The only team in the first round, together with Guatemala that didn’t score in any of the games.

Although Haiti hasn’t managed to win against top-level teams, as we can see from its record, their last 3 defeats have been against Bolivia, Chile, and Argentina. The CONCACAF teams have crushed them, setting them up for a problematic qualifying round.

Next, you will enjoy the best moments of the last match played by Haiti:

(Video courtesy of and the YouTube channel CONCACAF LEAGUE)

For its part, Canada comes from being the leader of group B in the first round of the Qatar 2022 CONCACAF World Cup qualifiersCanada was the team that scored the most goals in the first round, with a total of 27 goals in 4 games, giving an average of 6.75 goals scored per game. Something awe-inspiring, but if we look at their group rivals, it’s understandable. Canada had rivals whom it beat comfortably, such as Suriname (4-0), Bermuda (5-1), Cayman Islands (11-0), and Aruba (7-0).

They come to this game with the label of being the favorite to win, but they will play as visitors and against a team from Haiti that has a solid defense.

Next, you will enjoy the best moments of the last match played by Canada:

(Video courtesy of and the YouTube channel OneSoccer)

The background between Haiti vs. Canada

The last 3 games:

Haiti vs. Canada

Haiti VS Canada
3 Wins 6
1 Goals 2

Last Results

3 06/29/19 2
0 06/10/07 2
0 01/17/02 2

Important game data

ü When is it? The game will be on Saturday, Jun 12, 2021

ü What time is it? The game starts at 17:00 hours ET

ü Where? Sylvio Cator Stadium in the city of Prince Port, Haiti.

Betting line for Haiti vs. Canada – FIFA World Cup Qualifying’s CONCACAF.

The first leg of this second round of the Qatar 2022 World Cup qualifying rounds between Haiti and Canada is crucial for both teams. Haiti comes from being the best defensive team, while Canada, the best offensive team. We know that it will be a game with many goals, and, for us, the winner of this first game will be Canada.

Projected Score:   1 – Haiti 3 – Canada 


  • Haiti: 25%
  • Canada: 50%
  • Draw: 25%

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