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Previsões e linhas de aposta Bolívia x Uruguai

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Grupo A do Copa América 2021 continues to generate many emotions and also several surprises that, although they are very pleasant since the Sul Americano level of football has increased drastically in recent years and makes the events of national teams such as the Copa América and the qualifiers for the Copa do Mundo Catar 2022 are much more competitive, something that, for us, soccer fans, is simply spectacular.

The next game of this group corresponds to day 3 and will have as protagonists the teams of Bolivia and Uruguay, and they will play this Thursday, June 24, 2021, at the Pentanal Arena, in the city of Cuiaba.

How do Bolivia and Uruguay arrive?

boliviano team, which, together with Venezuela are, in theory, the weakest teams in the tournament, comes to this match against the Charruá team with a bad taste in their mouths after losing their first two games of this Copa América 2021, so that, they have to start winning if they want to continue with the dream of advancing to the next phase of this tournament. Bolívia fell in their debut against the paraguaio team with a very bad result of 3-1 and, in addition to the result, they had to play the entire second half with 10 players, after the expulsion of Jaume Cuellar in minute 45 + 9.

The second game was more complicated since it was against a very good chileno team. In this game, they were overwhelmed by the Chilenos throughout the game and most of all after the goal received at 10 minutes. This match ended with a defeat for Bolívia com um resultado de 0-1.

Next, you will enjoy the best moments of the last match played by Bolivia:

(Vídeo cortesia de e canal do YouTube Copa América)

On the other side of the field, we have the Uruguai team, who after resting on the first day of this Copa América 2021, fell on matchday 2 against the very good team of Argentina. In this match, the Charruas failed to demonstrate their offensive power, since the Argentino defense annulled them throughout the match and they ended up falling 0-1 thanks to a goal scored by Guido Rodriguez at minute 13.

No segundo jogo, Uruguay faced Chile, where he showed the offensive solidity that we are used to seeing him. He managed to create 16 goal opportunities, they managed to finish 4 of them with direct shots on goal. But, in the same way, the goal came through an own goal by Arturo Vidal in the 66th minute. The game ended with a 1-1 draw.

A seguir, você poderá conferir os melhores momentos da última partida disputada pelo Uruguai:

(Vídeo cortesia de e canal do YouTube Copa América 2021)

Dados importantes do jogo

  • Quando é? O jogo será na sexta-feira, 18 de junho de 2021
  • Que horas são? O jogo começa às 20:00 horas ET
  • Onde? Arena Pantanal, Cuiabá, Brasil.

Betting line for Bolivia vs Uruguay – Copa America 2021.

Essa partida entre Bolivia and Uruguay, which corresponds to matchday 3 of group A of the Copa América 2021, we believe will be on a single street. The boliviano team did not arrive at a good time and did not manage to take advantage of the opportunity against the most accessible rival on the first day. While Uruguai is a more experienced team and we know that Mestre Tavares has all the possible formulas to defeat a diminished team from Bolívia. So, without a doubt, our winner token is for Uruguai.

  • Linha de dinheiro:  +1100 – Bolivia -454 – Uruguay
  • Metas: +21/2 (-149) -21/2 (+108) 


  • Bolivia: 6%
  • Uruguay: 85.8%
  • Draw: 8.2%

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