Gambyl Betting Exchange

About Gambyl

Gambyl is a product-led, sports betting exchange company with team members located all over the world that will processes billions of dollars, pesos, reals, rupees in volume each year, securly on the blockchain.

We operate two main products – the Gambyl sports betting exchange, a sophisticated betting exchange and prediction market platform, and, our media and content-centric website that service hundreds of thousands of sports enthusiasts content, real time odds and free picks every month.

How are we different? Unlike traditional sportsbooks, players wager against each other, not against our bookmakers. There is no house. 

What does that mean for players? We want players to win, in fact, it’s baked deeply into our business model. Traditional sportsbooks charge expensive fees including the “vig”. We charge a modest commission based on winning wagers, if you lose a bet, you don’t pay a commission.

Our Values

Our passion is to be the best sports entertainment platform available, giving our members a high-quality, easy-to-use site with the best customer experience. We’ll do this by listening to you, our community, and our team members so we can stay ahead of the game. 

We are here to offer the best platform for sports news and entertainment, delivering exceptional service, and exclusive deals for our members who live and breathe the world of sports and games. 

Family. Fun. Trust.

Real-time Financial Technology

We’ve built and continue to enhance one of the largest and most technologically advanced betting exchanges with better odds than anyone in the world.

Built on the Blockchain

We've built the Gambyl Betting Exchange on the latest technologies including DAML with every wager placed on the blockchain. We're built to scale.

Disrupting the Betting Industry

Mega corporations run the biggest sportsbooks in the world using decades old technology and business models. We're here to shake things up.

Who We Are

We’re bringing together brilliant minds from different backgrounds, disciplines and cultures to produce not only a pioneering product based on the latest blockchain technologies, but also a world-class company and culture.

Gambyl a worldwide sports betting exchange


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Sports and Gaming Entertainment for True Fans

As long-time sports enthusiasts and gamers, we’re driven to deliver free picks, betting line analysis, top-rated entertainment, news, memes, and even custom-designed swag created exclusively by our team of talented artists. You can look forward to tons of great content and gear to scratch your sports and gaming itch. 

Our goal is to provide up-to-date news, exclusive merch, and informative blog posts on all the current trends and hot topics in the global world of Futbol, MMA, Boxing, Wrestling, Basketball, American Football, Surfing, Racing, and much more! 

We’re also huge fans of esports and gaming! We love making and sharing memes, sharing ridiculously awesome video content, and mind-blowing epic plays, covering League of Legends, CSGO, DOTA 2, and pretty much anything happening in the world of gaming.

Our Difference is Rooted in Our Love for the Game

We’ve been sports fans since we were kids, and it’s been our dream to create a community of like-minded fans to share our passion with. 

Through this journey, we are building the ultimate sports platform from the ground up! We strive to gain an abundance of knowledge and expertise as we deliver a truly customer-focused platform that is exciting and fun for all players, whether you are brand new or a seasoned pro. 

The bottom line: You’ll have a great time, and we’ll always listen to your feedback and act on it.

Join our community on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Tik Tok for the best sports updates and your shot to win awesome prizes.

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