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Will Jake Paul Prove Himself Against Ben Askren?

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< wpimage aligncenterid5420sizeSluglargelinkDestinationnone > <div class=wp block image><figure class=aligncenter size large><img src=httpswwwgambylcomwp contentuploads202104jake 2jpeg alt= class=wp image 5420><figure><div> < wpimage > < wpparagraph > <p>We are already feeling the hype that is building for the long awaited boxing match between <strong>YouTube sensation Jake The Problem Child Paul<strong> <strong>and former MMA Champion and Olympic<strong> <strong>fighter Ben Funky Askren<strong> The match will be taking place on <strong>Saturday April 17<strong> at the Mercedes Benz Stadium Atlanta USA <p> < wpparagraph > < wpparagraph > <p><strong>How Did Askren and Paul Get to This Fight<strong><p> < wpparagraph > < wpparagraph > <p>The YouTube star and now boxer <strong>Jake The Problem Child Paul<strong> wants to continue to rise throughout the internet This will be his third fight as a professional boxer as he seeks to continue to impress the world after beating the former NBA and All Star Dunk Champion <strong>Nate Robinson<strong> Paul made this win during the second round by knockout in the main event fight of <strong>Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr<strong><p> < wpparagraph > < wpparagraph > <p>After this fight <strong>Paul<strong> has been in a back and forth of words with various <strong>MMA<strong> fighters including <strong>Conor McGregor<strong> and his sparring partner <strong>Dillon Danis<strong> We are glad that he has finally organized a boxing match against the former<strong> MMA and UFC champion<strong> <strong>Ben Askren<strong><p> < wpparagraph > < wpparagraph > <p><strong>You can watch the best moments of Jake Paul at<strong><p> < wpparagraph > < wpembed urlhttpswwwyoutubecomwatchv=tQ9 ldLCg0ctypevideoproviderNameSlugyoutuberesponsivetrueclassNamewp embed aspect 16 9 wp has aspect ratio > <figure class=wp block embed is type video is provider youtube wp block embed youtube wp embed aspect 16 9 wp has aspect ratio><div class=wp block embed wrapper> httpswwwyoutubecomwatchv=tQ9 ldLCg0c <div><figure> < wpembed > < wpparagraph > <p>On the other side of the ring we have former <strong>Bellator and OneFC Champion Ben Askren<strong> who is remembered worldwide for his knockout loss to <strong>UFC superstar Jorge Masvidal <strong>within 5 seconds of starting the fight due to a knee strike to the face Before this fateful episode in his career <strong>Askren<strong> was an <strong>undefeated fighter<strong> and was considered one of the most effective fighters in the <strong>MMA<strong> world He had an incredibly successful amateur career where he became the overall champion of two different organizations <strong>Bellator and OneFC<strong> At the end of his career he played a series of bouts in the <strong>UFC<strong> but his long term chronic injuries led to early retirement<p> < wpparagraph > < wpparagraph > <p><strong>You can watch the best moments of Ben Askren at<strong><p> < wpparagraph > < wpembed urlhttpswwwyoutubecomwatchv=yFcKjqy3KlYtypevideoproviderNameSlugyoutuberesponsivetrueclassNamewp embed aspect 16 9 wp has aspect ratio > <figure class=wp block embed is type video is provider youtube wp block embed youtube wp embed aspect 16 9 wp has aspect ratio><div class=wp block embed wrapper> httpswwwyoutubecomwatchv=yFcKjqy3KlY <div><figure> < wpembed > < wpparagraph > <p><strong>Important Fight Information <strong><p> < wpparagraph > < wplist > <ul><li><strong><em>When is it <em><strong><em>The fight will be on Saturday April 17 2021<em><li><li><strong><em>What time is it <em><strong><em>The fight starts at 1800 ET Prelim 2100 ET Main Card<em><li><li><strong><em>Where <em><strong><em>Mercedes Benz Stadium Atlanta GA EEUU<em><li><li><strong><em>Where can I see it <em><strong><em>Triller Fight Club<em><li><ul> < wplist > < wpparagraph > <p><strong>Betting Line for Askren vs Paul <strong><p> < wpparagraph > < wpparagraph > <p>This fight will have everyone on the edge of their seats We have <strong>Askren<strong> coming back from retirement to face the internet star <strong>Jake<strong> <strong>Paul<strong> who has only played two fights and both against opponents of a lower caliber than <strong>Askren<strong> <strong>Askren<strong> was never considered an offensive fighter in <strong>MMA<strong> His entire game focused on going to the canvas and taking his opponents to the ground whereas when the fight was on his feet <strong>Askren<strong> tended to perform slow drifts and combinations While <strong>Jake Paul<strong> comes with a hunger to eat he wants this to be the fight that opens the way for him to face <strong>McGregor<strong> You could say that <strong>Paul<strong> has more experience in the ring than <strong>Askren<strong> since he has never fought in boxing <strong>Paul<strong> is a young fighter with fast movements and good reflexes therefore we are giving our winner token to YouTuber <strong>Jake Paul<strong><p> < wpparagraph > < wpparagraph > <p><strong>Moneyline <span class=has inline color has vivid green cyan color> <em> 180 Jake Paul<em><span><strong><em> <em><strong><em> <span class=has inline color has vivid red color> +150 Ben Askren<span><em><strong><p> < wpparagraph >

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