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Conference Finals: Celtics vs. Heat Update

Conference Finals: Celtics vs. Heat Update
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The NBA Playoffs are at their highest point, as we have already seen the Western Conference Final come to an end. Surprisingly, the Denver Nuggets steamrolled the Lakers with a 4-0.

Now it is time to focus on the Eastern Conference. However, things are not too far apart from what took place on the Western Side, and it has been quite impressive for all fans.

This clash in the finals has the 2nd-placed Boston Celtics, and the 8th-placed Miami Heat keeping the battle up as they try to make it to the Championship match.

There are 7 possible games to be played. But as things turn out, we are expecting it to finish quite early.


Continuing on Tuesday, May 23rd, at 6:30 pm ET at FTX Arena and TD Garden

Betting Odds:

Heat -125

Celtics +102

Where Can I Watch it?

ESPN and NBA League Pass

Celtics vs. Heat: Roundup

  1. Celtics 116-123 Heat
  2. Celtics 105-111 Heat
  3. Heat 128-102 Celtics

We stand corrected from our initial prediction, as not many would have thought that the Miami Heat was not only going to take the fight back to the Celtics but that they were going to be steamrolling the favorite team by such a big margin.

The Celtics are on the brink of elimination and appear to have no answers for the Heat. However, that doesn’t mean Al Horford won’t be going down swinging.

Boston, still stinging from an all-time public pantsing Sunday, is set as underdogs for the first time during the postseason as they try to avoid elimination against the Miami Heat in Game 4 of the Eastern Conference finals.

Miami was a home underdog for Game 3, with the Celtics expected to return serve after dropping the opening two games at home. That pressure didn’t pay out, and now everyone seems to be bailing on Boston’s chance in Game 4.

Conference Finals: Celtics vs. Heat Update – Final Betting Analysis

Is hard to asset a prediction that doesn’t state something that everyone already knows. Today Boston will have to face a side that has been steam-rolling them over and over again over the past few days. To that, you should also sum up the pressure of having to win to prevent humiliation with all the letters. However, at this point, we believe that to be almost impossible.

A win today for the visitors would mean a go-back trip to Boston, to try to achieve something history. Whatever the case, that’ll require almost unknown amounts of mental resilience, something that the Celtics have never shown in this series.

We believe that Miami will finish the series with a 4rth victory to go into a highly interesting clash with the Denver Nuggets.

Celtics vs. Heat Betting Pick: Miami Heat

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