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Conference Finals: Nuggets vs. Lakers Free Betting Pick

Last Updated on May 15, 2023 8:58 pm by Erwin Noguera

The NBA reaches the final stretch and fans are very anxious to meet the champions of each conference who will play for the Ring. There are four teams alive now: Miami Heat, Boston Celtics, Denver Nuggets, and Los Angeles Lakers. Celtics and Heat will face off to define the Eastern Conference champion, while the Nuggets and Lakers will do so in the West.

Nuggets vs. Lakers is a confrontation with great rivalry, in which the number of victories for each team is very even. If, on the one hand, we have the strength and power of Nikola Jokic, defending Denver, on the other hand, Lebron James is the one who commands the talented LA team.

The series of games between the Nuggets and Lakers starts on May 16 and has the 28th of the same month as the final date. The teams face each other again in the two-day break: they play on day 1, rest on day 2 and play again on day 3.

Conference Finals – Nuggets vs. Lakers – Betting Odds & Free Pick – Info


Starts on Tuesday, May 16th at 08:30 pm ET 


At the Ball Arena and Arena

Moneyline odds:

Nuggets -238

Lakers +190

Where Can I Watch? 

NBA League Pass

Why Bet on the Nuggets?

Ball Arena will be another Nuggets player in this streak of games against the Lakers. With a capacity of nearly 20,000 spectators, Ball Arena is a beautiful sports arena that brings together passionate fans and brings the positivity necessary for them to win the toughest games.

Against the Lakers, the matchmaking history is quite balanced. The home team has taken the lead. There were few games in which one of these teams, acting as a visitor, beat its rival.

There is also no doubt about the quality of the Nuggets roster and the winning mentality of each athlete that enters the court. Nikola Jokic continues as their main reference, improving every season and leaving opponents perplexed: “How does this guy manage to play at a high level for so many years?”.

Jamal Murray, Aaron Gordon, and Michael Porter are the luxury sidekicks and those who can take the pressure off Jokic and take important points for the team. If all of them are well-focused, the Lakers’ task will be very difficult.

Why Bet on the Lakers?

Despite having secured only the 7th position in the Western Conference, the Lakers showed, once again, that they are a team prepared to perform well in the big and most important games.

Whichever team, led by Lebron James, would have this mentality: aggressiveness, competitiveness, resilience, and a lot of talent. LA eliminated Golden State in the conference semifinals, leaving Curry’s team behind, and proving that this team can still dream of the title.

Despite the encouraging phase, the news that Lebron James and Anthony Davis may not face the Nuggets sounded like a thunderstorm for fans. Facing a favorite team for the title, in their domains, and without their best players is a bad sign.

Both are recovering from injury and may appear on the field, but everything here is just an unknown. The truth is that the Lakers will need to give their all to try to surprise their opponent and win the match.

Final Analysis: Nuggets vs. Lakers – Western Conference Finals

Although the confrontation between the Nuggets and the Lakers is wrapped in a lot of rivalry and balance, the home factor could be the big difference in the final score of this series. That’s what happened the last time these two teams faced each other: the host won.

At we find that the Denver Nuggets is the favorite with a Moneyline of -238, while the Lakers have +190.

We believe in the victory of the Nuggets for this opening match of the Western Conference Finals. We also go for them for the Series as, without Lebron at 100%, the Lakers are too far from the top seeds of the conference.

Go for a straight win for Denver Nuggets in the Moneyline. If you bet $100 on the win at -237, you will gain $42 for a total payout of $142.

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