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Conference Semifinals: Lakers vs. Warriors Update

Conference Semifinals: Lakers vs. Warriors
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The NBA Playoffs are on the final stretch, and we are halfway through the Conference Semifinals.

Things are getting more and more interesting as the LA Lakers are taking the lead in the clash with a 2-1 score over the Golden State Warriors.

With 4 possible games left in the series, we are expecting this match-up to be exciting and still believe that it will be solved in the 6th match Now, the former sixth and seventh spots of the Western Conference continue their face-off to see who will make it into the Conference Finals.


Continuing on Monday, May 8th, at 8:00 pm ET at the Chase Center and Arena

Where Can I Watch it?

ESPN and NBA League Pass


The Los Angeles Lakers and Golden State Warriors have started trading blowouts since their Game 1 classic. 

Golden State demolished the Lakers 127-100 in Game 2, but LA turned around and handed them a 127-97 thrashing in Game 3. Anthony Davis was at the literal and figurative center of Saturday’s victory, finishing the game with 25 points, 13 rebounds, and more defensive highlights than we could list in this space.

Now, the Warriors are in danger. They went 11-30 on the road this season, and they’ll need to win in Los Angeles at least once to have a chance. 

They managed to win two games in Sacramento against the Kings in the first round, but that was their first postseason go-around in 17 years. 

This isn’t Davis’ or LeBron James’ first rodeo, and they’ll do everything in their power to protect their home court on Monday.

Final Betting Analysis: Lakers vs. Warriors

The Lakers have looked downright unstoppable at home this postseason. In four games, they are undefeated with a plus-86-point differential. 

That figure doesn’t even do them justice, as they raced out to a 35-9 first-quarter lead over the Grizzlies in Game 3 of their first-round series and allowed them to cut the final deficit to 10 in garbage time. 

Until someone beats the Lakers in Los Angeles, they have to be favored in their home building. That goes double against an opponent with an 11-30 road record during the regular season.

This is all adding up to us doubling down on our belief that the LA Lakers will take the victory in this series on game 6.

Lakers vs. Warriors Betting Pick: LA Lakers

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