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Rainbow7 vs. Infinity – Preview and Predictions

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Next Saturday, July 10, we will have an interesting duel between two old acquaintances in the world of Esports, on the one hand, we will have the Mexican team Rainbow7, which currently comes from putting closed the hunt for first place, which currently occupies Infinity, rival who will face next weekend, who continues to reaffirm its great moment in the tournament, and so it promises to be a great match the following weekend by the Latin American League of Legends League. This match will be broadcasted by all the official channels of the competition on YouTube and Twitch platforms.

The recent performance of each team before next weekend’s duel: 

Rainbow7: had a glitch in the game that kicked off a chaotic start to the day’s play. However, Rainbow7 quickly proved that it has a lot of potentials to put heat on the hunt for Infinity, the leader of the competition. Not only did they have a very scary CEO, but they took advantage of an inspired Enga who pulled off a furious team difference with almost no fuss.

Here are the best plays from Raimbow7’s last engagement: 

Infinity: The team started out having problems against All Knights. More like Buggax had problems. He was eating kills at the hands of Zothve and Kiefer. However, Ackerman quickly came out to don the hero’s cape and participated in a climb to the top, accompanied by a solidly playing Solidsnake. Infinity had the luxury of bringing Kz off the bench, who responded with a memorable performance. So far Monroe’s team smells like champions, it just needs to gel.

Here are the best plays from Infinity’s latest engagement: 

Betting line:

Rainbow7: Winner of the match: 2.95 – Map 1 Winner: 3.00.

Infinity: Winner of the match: 1.32 – Map 1 Winner: 1.39.

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