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2023 Gold Cup Tournament Preview and Favorites

2023 Gold Cup
Copa America 2024

The 2023 CONCACAF Gold Cup will be the 17th edition of the tournament, the biennial international men’s football championship of the North, Central American, and Caribbean regions organized by CONCACAF.

Canada and the United States will host the tournament, which is scheduled to take place from June 24 to July 16, 2023. The latter are the defending champions, having won the 2021 edition.

Since the formation of the Gold Cup in 1991, the CONCACAF Championship has been won eight times by Mexico, seven times by the United States, and once by Canada.

Where can I watch it?

Fox Sports, Premier Sports, and Concacaf GO

Teams Participating and Groups:

Once again, the Guests will be Qatar, who in their last performance reached the Semi-Finals.

Our full 16 teams roster includes:

1. United States

2. Canada

3. Mexico

4. Costa Rica

5. Panama

6. Haiti

7. Jamaica

8. Guatemala

9. Honduras

10. El Salvador

11. Cuba

12. Trinidad y Tobago

13. Qatar

14, 15 & 16: TBD

With the teams set up after the prelims that are taking place at this very moment, the groups are also set for things to kick off this Saturday 24th.

Group A:

– United States

– Jamaica

– Trinidad and Tobago


Group B

– Mexico

– Haiti

– Honduras

– Qatar

Group C

– Costa Rica

– Panama

– El Salvador


Group D

– Canada

– Guatemala

– Cuba


Favorites and Predictions:

It was previously mentioned that in the 16 previous iterations of the CONCACAF Gold Cup, Mexico has won 8, USA 7, and Canada has been crowned once. With this in consideration, and each of them being in a different group, we believe that the 3 of them will be able to get to the knockout stage, most likely as leaders of their respective groups.

Costa Rica also comes in great shape, so we believe they’ll be the leaders in group C. We think that Jamaica (A), Qatar (B), Panama (C), and Guatemala (D) will be the runner-ups in each group and also make it to the knockout stage.

This is likely to be the third year in a row in which USA and Mexico battle it out in the Final; and, in the end, we believe MEXICO will be crowned as the winner of the cup.

Our Prediction:

Mexico as Winners

USA as Runner Ups

Canada Winning 3rd Place over Qatar

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