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The Best Goals from the World Cup

Last Updated on December 19, 2022 10:01 pm by Erwin Noguera

The World Cup of surprises has come to an end with many histories, impressive facts, and records broken. However, that doesn’t mean that we should immediately stop talking about that, and what better way to continue with the topic than with a recollection of the best goals of this tournament?
Wonder goals are a registered mark in the World Cup as many players seem to turn off a switch that limits their capacity, so they give a maximum from their footballing and physical capabilities. Now let’s get to the main topic, without any order in specific as you can’t ask us to choose between these beauties.

World Cup Best goals: Salem Al-Dawsari (Argentina 1-2 Arabia Saudi)

Seems odd to start the recollection with a memory the champions want to forget. However, it’s impossible to not mention this beauty from the first big surprise of the World Cup.

World Cup Best goals: Luis Chavez (Mexico 2-1 Arabia Saudi)

One of the most beautiful free kicks we have seen in a long time. It came from the Mexican Luis Chavez, that was one of the bright sparks in a dull Mexican side that doesn’t even got the chance to fight for the desired fifth match.

World Cup Best goals: Julian Alvarez (Argenina 2-0 Poland)

We are still in the same group. However, it’s impossible not to talk about this beautiful goal by Argentina. Julian Alvarez made an excellent dribble inside the box to burn Poland’s net.

World Cup Best goals: Vincent Aboubakar (Cameroon 3-3 Serbia)

Pure Magic. There are no other words to describe what Vincent Aboubakar did against Serbia. It seemed like he was outside at first glance, but it was just a terrible mistake in the timing by the Serbian defense, and a little dribble to humiliate the defender was accompanied by a beautiful volley. It is a bitter memory for the Serbians, however, as this goal was the beginning of their doom.

World Cup Best goals: Richarlison (Brazil 2-0 Serbia)

Talking about Serbia’s downfall, what cannot be denied is that they gave us great goals at the tournament (although in their own net). Richarlison gifted us this beauty to close Brazil’s win over Serbia when they still looked like the strongest candidate, just for another selection from the Balkans to take them out.

World Cup Best goals: Neymar (Brazil 1-1 Croacia)

Now then, speaking about Brazil’s elimination. One thing that they can remember dearly is the goal that, almost, put them in the semifinals. Neymar finished a great collective play to ignite the hearts of the South American titan.

World Cup Best goals: Aurélien Tchouaméni (France 2-1 England)

France and England gave us an excellent game in the quarterfinals that was a full tactical battle. It was one of the few times where Kylian Mbappe was almost completely stopped, although that was not enough for the English, especially after this beauty from midfield that the Real Madrid midfielder gave us.

World Cup Best goals: Julian Alvarez (Argentina 3-0 Croatia)

The player from the Citizens appears again but not for a play all of his own doing. The beauty of this goal, of course, comes from the run that Messi did previous to giving a magnificent assist, completely humiliating the best CB in the cup until that moment: Josko Gvardiol.

World Cup Best goals: Mislav Orsic (Croatia 2-1 Morocco)

Whoever said that matches for third place are boring made a big mistake. The only detriment they have is the massive event that takes attention from them (the final, of course), but they always gift us with intense battles and, this time, beautiful goals.

World Cup Best goals: Kylian Mbappe (Argentina 3-3 France)

Last, but not least important, the finalists gave us a spectacle to be remembered the last Sunday, and one of the crucial moments was this beauty by Mbappe that stopped the hearts of the South Americans that were already feeling like champions.

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