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Liguilla Semifinals First Leg: Chivas vs. Club América Preview

Liguilla Semifinals First Leg: Chivas vs. Club
Copa America 2024

The Liguilla of Liga MX is getting heated, as not only we are entering the first leg of the semifinals, but we get one of those two matches to be what Mexico considers “El Super Clásico”.

A “Clásico” means that the match is between two teams with a HUGE rivalry, and no other classic makes as many waves in Mexico as the clash between Chivas and Club América.

Both of the teams made it to the top 4 in the regular season, but it is now that they clash in the semifinals that things between both teams and, obviously, the crowds behind them, get tense and exciting.

The first out of the two matches will be taking place on Wednesday in the Akron Stadium, meaning that Chivas will host the first leg.


Wednesday, May 17th – 2:00 pm ET at the Akron Stadium

Moneyline odds:

Chivas +204

Club América +132

Draw offs:


Where Can I Watch it? 


Why Bet on Chivas?

Chivas managed to get their spot in the semifinals, but just barely, as they got a 1-1 aggregate score on Atlas, which they tied with a 1-0 win in the second leg. It was the minimum requirement for them to pass, as they were higher on the Clausura scoreboard.

In the recent past, they have been awful against América, except for a couple of matches in 2020, so they need to hold their heads up high.

Why Bet on Club América?

Surprisingly, América let itself loose in the second round against San Luis and almost suffers a humiliating comeback. We don’t say this is surprising because it has never happened before, it’s surprising because it has happened so many times recently, that, shockingly, they commit the same mistakes over and over.

However, the Eagles reach this tournament with just two losses counting the regular season and the Liguilla, so they are hard to beat without a doubt.

Now, they need to halt Chivas as visitors to then beat them up back at home.

Final Betting Analysis: Chivas vs. Club América

The Clásico Mexicano, one of the biggest rivalries in the Americas, brings us a spectacular semifinal. Truth be told, the other key is almost as exciting, but more traditional fans know that this one is on a different level. The biggest team from the capital and the biggest one from the provinces clash, in the kind of matchup that moves entire countries.

However, we don’t believe this classic will be that much even. Until a few years ago, both teams were fairly close on the stats, but that time has gone. In the last 20 matches, América has won 14, with a couple of draws and 4 losses. Chivas’ performance has decreased dramatically in the last decade and, a team that once upon a time filled its chest with emotion and faced the Eagles to win now has them as a buggy team. In this context, we don’t believe the trend will stop, as the locals got steam-rolled in the regular season. Go for a 2-3 win for the Azulcremas.

If you put $100 into Club America’s victory, you could get $132 for a total payout of $232.

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