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Lionel Messi Betting Odds – Inter Miami vs Cruz Azul Best Bet

Last Updated on July 21, 2023 3:55 pm by Gambyl Nation Editorial Team

Lionel Messi, the legendary footballer, is set to make his highly anticipated debut for Inter Miami in the Major League Soccer (MLS) Leagues Cup match against Cruz Azul.

Messi starting his MLS career has sparked the interest of North American, Mexican and International sports bettors looking to see what will happen when Messi hits the pitch with Inter Miami.

We’ll be covering outright game odds and proposition bets for Messi’s first MLS match.

Inter Miami vs Cruz Azul Betting Odds and Best Bets

When: Friday, July 21st at 8:00 am ET

Win/Draw/Win Game Odds

Cruz Azul +200

Draw +230

Inter Miami +115

Where: DRV PNK Stadium | Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Mexican side Cruz Azul won the first-ever Leagues Cup event in 2019. This time around, Cruz Azul will be in the position to try and upset the apple cart by ruining Lionel Messi’s debut with Inter Miami. The MLS side has had a mostly poor season and are in last place in the Eastern Conference.

Messi won’t be coming to MLS alone. He will be joined by former Barcelona teammates Sergio Busquets and Jordi Alba in South Beach.

Why is Betting on Lionel Messi a Smart Move?

Betting on Lionel Messi with prop or proposition bets in his first game with Inter Miami is a smart move for sports bettors.

Messi is widely regarded as one of the greatest footballers of all time. His exceptional skills, agility, and goal-scoring ability make him a formidable opponent for any team.

Messi’s arrival in the MLS has generated a lot of excitement and anticipation among fans and bettors alike. This heightened interest can lead to more generous odds and betting opportunities as bookmakers strive to attract more customers. Taking advantage of this initial hype can result in higher payouts for those who place their bets wisely.

Messi’s debut with Inter Miami is going to draw record audiences, both in the stadium, on television and on streaming services like Apple TV. This increased visibility can impact the team’s overall performance, as players often rise to the occasion when playing alongside a football superstar like Messi. This positive energy and motivation can translate into a stronger performance from Inter Miami, increasing their chances of winning.

Now let’s take a look at some top proposition bets for the Inter Miami vs Cruz Azul and provide odds insights for sports bettors.

Messi to Score First Goal

This prop bet offers an exciting opportunity for bettors to predict whether Messi will score the game’s first goal. Given Messi’s exceptional goal-scoring record, the odds for this bet will likely be favorable.

Total Goals Over/Under

Another popular prop bet is wagering on the total number of goals scored in the match. You can bet on whether the total goals will be over or under a specific number set by the bookmakers. Considering the attacking prowess of both teams and Messi’s presence on the field, this bet could be a thrilling option.

Messi to Provide an Assist

Messi is not only known for his goal-scoring abilities but also for his exceptional vision and passing skills. You can place a bet on whether Messi will provide an assist during the game. With his ability to create scoring opportunities, this bet holds great potential.

Anytime Goalscorer

This proposition bet allows you to wager on whether Messi will score a goal at any point during the game. Given Messi’s track record and ability to find the back of the net, this is a solid bet.

Inter Miami to Win

With the addition of Messi to their lineup, Inter Miami has become a stronger team. Betting on them to win the match is a popular choice among bettors. The odds for Inter Miami to win are currently at +115, making it an enticing option for those looking to capitalize on Messi’s debut.

Correct Score Prop Betting

Correct Score For those who enjoy a more specific and challenging bet, you can try your luck with the correct score proposition. Predicting the exact scoreline of the match can be difficult but rewarding if you get it right. With Messi’s presence, the scoring potential of both teams increases, making this bet all the more intriguing.

Total Shots

This proposition bet allows you to wager on the total number of shots both teams take. With Messi’s exceptional shooting abilities and the attacking style of play expected from both teams, this is a great way to bet on Messi instead of Inter Miami.

With Messi on the field, Inter Miami is set to see a significant improvement. Messi’s arrival brings a wealth of talent and experience to the squad, which will undoubtedly have a positive impact on the team’s performance. Here are a few ways in which Inter Miami can expect to improve with Messi on board.

Creativity and Vision

Messi is a prolific goalscorer and an exceptional playmaker. His vision and passing skills are second to none, enabling him to create scoring opportunities for his teammates. This will greatly benefit Inter Miami’s midfielders and forwards, as they can expect more quality chances to score.

Improved Team Morale and Confidence

Messi’s presence alone can significantly boost the morale and confidence of the entire team. Playing alongside a legend like Messi can inspire players to elevate their own game and strive for excellence. Messi’s belief and motivationcan have a contagious effect on his teammates, leading to improved performances on the field.

Leadership and Experience

Messi’s experience and leadership qualities are invaluable to Inter Miami. His years of playing at the highest level and achieving success with Barcelona and the Argentine national team will provide guidance and mentorship to the younger players. This will help the team develop a winning mentality and improve their overall performance. to the team can have a contagious effect, leading to improved performances on the field.

Attracting Top Talent

Messi’s signing with Inter Miami will undoubtedly raise the profile of the club and attract other talented players. The opportunity to play alongside one of the greatest players in the history of the sport is an enticing prospect for many players. This could lead to Inter Miami being able to attract top talent from around the world, further strengthening their squad and improving their chances of success.

Increased Fan Support and Revenue

Messi’s arrival will undoubtedly generate a lot of excitement and buzz among fans. This will likely result in increased attendance at games, as well as higher merchandise sales and sponsorship deals. The increased revenue can be reinvested in the team, allowing for further improvements and development.

International Recognition

The team will gain international recognition and exposure with Messi playing for Inter Miami. This can open up new opportunities for partnerships and collaborations with other clubs and participation in high-profile tournaments and competitions. The team’s success with Messi on board can also help put MLS on the map globally, attracting more attention and interest in the league.

In conclusion, Lionel Messi’s arrival at Inter Miami is undoubtedly a game-changer for the team. His exceptional skills, leadership qualities, and international reputation will greatly improve the team’s performance on the field. His presence alone will attract top talent, increase fan support and revenue, and raise the club’s profile nationally and internationally. Inter Miami fans have much to look forward to with Messi on board, and the team’s future certainly looks bright.

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