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UEFA Champions League: Manchester City vs PSG

UEFA Champions League
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< wpimage aligncenterid5631sizeSluglargelinkDestinationnone > <div class=wp block image><figure class=aligncenter size large><img src=httpswwwgambylcomwp contentuploads202105uefawebp alt= class=wp image 5631><figure><div> < wpimage > < wpparagraph > <p>The time has come to define the first pass to the Grand Final of the most important continental tournament the <strong>UEFA Champions League<strong> <strong>Manchester City<strong> will look to qualify for the UEFA Champions League final for the first time against <strong>PSG<strong> This will be a match that comes more alive than ever to the Etihad Stadium home of Pep Guardiolas team <strong>Manchester City<strong> has not been able to triumph in this competition since 201011 when they won it with FC Barcelona Meanwhile <strong>PSG <strong>will seek to qualify for the finals for the second consecutive year With their great squad led by Neymar they will play at the Atatürk Olympic Stadium in Turkey on May 29<p> < wpparagraph > < wpparagraph > <p><strong>Manchester City vs PSG Key Facts<strong><p> < wpparagraph > < wpparagraph > <p><strong>Manchester City<strong> has been unbeaten in their four previous meetings in European competition against PSG 2W 2D They won their last home meeting against <strong>PSG<strong> in April 2016 in the quarter final of the UEFA Champions League<p> < wpparagraph > < wpparagraph > <p>PSG<strong> <strong>has faced Milan more times without a win in the UEFA Champions League four times than they have faced Manchester City three times They beat Manchester United at Old Trafford at the start of the season making them the sixth team to face the two Manchester City sides in the same European competition In fact none of the five teams managed to win both matches in the same edition against the two Manchester teams<p> < wpparagraph > < wpparagraph > <p>Manchester City has won their last six UEFA Champions League matches and if they win this match they will become the English team with the longest consecutive winning streak in European CupChampions League history The other three clubs to string together six consecutive wins were Manchester United in the 196566 season Leeds United 196970 and Arsenal in 2005<p> < wpparagraph > < wpparagraph > <p>The record in English soccer shows that on the 47 occasions in the history of the European CupChampions League the match has gone in their favor for their first away game in a two legged tie<p> < wpparagraph > < wpparagraph > <p>PSG qualified for the quarter finals of the UEFA Champions League in the last match where they also lost the first leg of the tie They recovered from a 2 1 defeat against German side Borussia Dortmund in the last edition of the Champions League to win 3 2 on aggregate<p> < wpparagraph > < wpparagraph > <p>You can watch the highlights of Manchester Citys win over PSG at<a href=httpswwwyoutubecomwatchv=gc64BMJJzZw><a><p> < wpparagraph > < wpembed urlhttpswwwyoutubecomwatchv=gc64BMJJzZwtypevideoproviderNameSlugyoutuberesponsivetrueclassNamewp embed aspect 16 9 wp has aspect ratio > <figure class=wp block embed is type video is provider youtube wp block embed youtube wp embed aspect 16 9 wp has aspect ratio><div class=wp block embed wrapper> httpswwwyoutubecomwatchv=gc64BMJJzZw <div><figure> < wpembed > < wpparagraph > <p><strong>How Did Manchester City and PSG Get Here<strong><p> < wpparagraph > < wpparagraph > <p><strong>Manchester City<strong> finally has the opportunity they have been looking for for years It has been elusive for them to reach the final stages of the competition with great squads in each campaign However it seems that this season Manchester City is closer than ever to play the first Champions League final in the clubs history Merits are not lacking for the English team as they come from achieving a 2 1 score in the first leg played at the Parc des Princes They also left behind two German clubs Monchengladbach and Dortmund and in the group stage they achieved an almost perfect score with 16 points out of a possible 18 It should also be noted that Manchester City is a League Cup champion and could have been a Premier League champion last Sunday if the United Liverpool match had not been postponed due to the invasion of fans to the local team <p> < wpparagraph > < wpparagraph > <p>Tuesdays match could be the end of a dream for <strong>PSG<strong> After losing at home in the first leg with a score of 1 2 against Manchester City PSG led by Argentine Mauricio Pochettino said at a press conference that tactically and mentally the team is ready to give a new battle Since an elimination would be a major setback for PSG in the overall balance of the season it is important to remember that last weekend PSG hosted Lens at the Parc des Princes where they managed to win unconvincingly with a score of 2 1 Therefore they must not only show a good game but also translate it into the scoreboard if they want to beat Manchester City and reach the finals <a href=httpswwwyoutubecomwatchv=QkZWYmHQYh8><a><p> < wpparagraph > < wpparagraph > <p><strong>Important Game Information<strong><p> < wpparagraph > < wpparagraph > <p>The match between <strong>Manchester City <strong>and<strong> PSG<strong> will take place <strong>Tuesday<strong> <strong>May 4 <strong>at <strong>1500 ET<strong> It will be broadcast live<strong> <strong>on <strong>ESPN ESPN 2 FOX Sports and FOX Sports 2<strong><p> < wpparagraph > < wpparagraph > <p><strong>Betting Line for Manchester City vs PSG<strong><p> < wpparagraph > < wplist > <ul><li><strong>Manchester City <strong>437 147 <strong> Goals <strong>155 <strong> Best OU <strong>o3 105<li><li><strong>PSG <strong>310 +334 <strong> Goals <strong>111 <strong> Best OU <strong>u3 108<li><li><strong>Draw <strong>253 +309<li><ul> < wplist >

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