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Clausura MX 2024 Matchday 2 Roundup

Clausura MX 2024 Matchday 2 Roundup

Clausura MX 2024
Copa America 2024

The emotions of the Clausura MX 2024 tournament continue, and we have that matchday 2 showed some impressive performances by several teams, which makes us think that their label of favorites is well deserved.

Two teams, AmĂ©rica and AtlĂ©tico San Luis, have had a remarkable start, securing 6/6 points in their two matches played. Both have indicated their intentions to become protagonists again. Let’s remember that America is the current champion of the Apertura 2023, while San Luis was a semifinalist and led the standings for much of the regular season.

The Clausura 2024 has had intense matches from the beginning, and Matchday 2 showed the immense talent and determination exhibited by the Mexican clubs. 

Now, below, we bring you a summary of what happened on matchday 2 of the Clausura MX 2024 in its most relevant matches.

Clausura MX 2024 Matchday 2 Roundup â€“ AtlĂ©tico San Luis vs. Pumas – Info

When and Where?

Friday, January 19th, 10 pm ET at the Estadio Alfonso Lastras 

Moneyline odds: 

San Luis 2.55 

Pumas 2.59

Draw Offs:


Where Can I Watch? 


We had a spectacular match at the Alfonso Lastras Ramírez Stadium when Atlético San Luis annihilated Pumas 3-1. Although the score does not reflect what happened in the encounter, we have to emphasize that the effectiveness of the attack of San Luis was incredible, and that led them to the victory.

We say this because Pumas was in control of the game from start to finish, generating up to 19 dangerous chances with eight direct shots on goal. However, San Luis was able to convert three of the four shots on goal that they had to take the victory.

It all started with an early goal (9th minute) from San Luis at the feet of LĂ©o Bonatini. Undoubtedly, that made the home squad have a certain calmness while manipulating the tempo of the match. The first half ended with a partial victory of the local squad by 1-0, but with Pumas attacking at all times looking for the equalizer.

In the 64th minute, SĂ©bastien Salles-Lamonge scored 2-0 for San Luis, thus starting to close the curtain. However, in the 71st minute, Pumas scored with Ulises Rivas’ goal.

Finally, in the 83rd minute, Benjamin Galdames put the icing on the cake with the third goal to sentence the game.

San Luis (3) – (1) Pumas

Clausura MX 2024 Matchday 2 Roundup â€“ JuĂĄrez vs. Cruz Azul – Info

When and Where?

Friday, January 19th, 10:10 pm ET at the Estadio OlĂ­mpico Benito JuĂĄrez

Moneyline odds: 

JuĂĄrez 2.31 

Cruz Azul 2.89

Draw Offs: 


Where Can I Watch? 


One of the most “unfair” matches, to call it that, was the one we lived in the Benito Juárez Olympic Stadium between Cruz Azul and Juárez.

‘Los Cementeros’ were always on top of the home squad, but the ‘Bravos’ had a solid defense responsible for repelling all the threats of the visitors.

So much was the siege of Cruz Azul that they had 72% possession of the ball and 17 scoring chances (6 direct shots on goal). However, they couldn’t break the net defended by Juarez goalkeeper Jurado.

This tie is a bad taste in the mouth of Cruz Azul, who completely dominated the match. While for Juarez, it may taste like glory because the team did not propose anything and could take 1 point.

Juárez (0) – (0) Cruz Azul

Clausura MX 2024 Matchday 2 Roundup â€“ Club AmĂ©rica vs. QuerĂ©taro – Info

When and Where?

Saturday, January 20th, 8:05 pm ET at the Estadio Azteca

Moneyline odds: 

Club AmĂ©rica 1.46 

Querétaro 6.40

Draw Offs


Where Can I Watch? 


Club AmĂ©rica continues to show that it is in an excellent rhythm of play by winning its second match of this Clausura Tournament with a score of 2-0. QuerĂ©taro could do nothing to avoid this defeat as visitors, and they did not have a single shot on goal.

There is no doubt that América is determined to revalidate its title of champions of the Apertura 2023, and they have shown this in these first two rounds.

‘Las Águilas’ had a somewhat complex first half because, like their first game of the season, they could not score despite having absolute command of the ball and the game. However, in the second half, they managed to take advantage of goals from Richard SĂĄnchez and JuliĂĄn AndrĂ©s Quiñones to take a 2-0 victory and climb to the top of the standings.

Club AmĂ©rica (2) – (0) QuerĂ©taro

Clausura MX 2024 Matchday 2 Roundup â€“ Santos Laguna vs. Monterrey – Info

When and Where?

Sunday, January 21st, 09:05 pm ET at the Estadio Corona

Moneyline odds: 

Santos 2.88 

Monterrey 2.28

Draw Offs


Where Can I Watch? 


Finally, Monterrey could take three points for the second time this season in this great match against Santos Laguna as visitors.

The match was a back-and-forth affair, as Santos was able to play at its best to make its home ground respected on this second matchday of the Clausura 2024. However, the team couldn’t score even one of the 19 dangerous chances they created.

On the other hand, Monterrey was a little more effective, as out of the four shots on goal they made during the entire match, two of them ended up inside the Santos goal.

The game started with Monterrey taking the lead in the fourth minute with Maximiliano Meza’s goal. From that point on, Santos made several unsuccessful attempts to equalize the scoreboard.

Finally, in the 60th minute, Jordi Cortizo scored the definitive 2-0 to give Monterrey the victory.

Santos (0) – (2) Monterrey

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