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Who Will Qualify for the Next Liguilla? Santos Laguna vs Puebla Matchday 17

Liga MX
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< wpimage aligncenterid5586sizeSluglargelinkDestinationnone > <div class=wp block image><figure class=aligncenter size large><img src=httpswwwgambylcomwp contentuploads202104liga 2 2jpeg alt=Liga MX class=wp image 5586><figure><div> < wpimage > < wpparagraph > <p>The <strong>LIGA MX Guard1anes 2021 <strong>in its closing stage reaches the last day of the tournament with great competition between the teams that want to qualify directly to the next <strong>Liguilla<strong> Since <strong>Cruz Azul and Club America<strong> are already classified occupying first and second place respectively there are only two direct spots left for the next Liguilla For these 2 positions there is a fervent fight between 5 teams <strong>Puebla Monterrey Santos Laguna León and Atlas<strong> The last matchday will be essential for these teams as they want to directly qualify without going through the playoffs<p> < wpparagraph > < wpparagraph > <p>On <strong>Sunday May 2<strong> <strong>Santos Laguna <strong>and<strong> Puebla<strong> will meet at the <strong>Corona Stadium<strong> in what will be an electrifying and defining clash since the winner of this match will keep one of the two direct quotas for the next <strong>Liguilla<strong><p> < wpparagraph > < wpparagraph > <p><strong>How Did Puebla and Santos Laguna Get Here<strong><p> < wpparagraph > < wpparagraph > <p><strong>Puebla<strong> who has had a comeback in the season after the second half comes with an excellent streak of 5 games without a defeat in which they had 3 wins and 2 draws One of these draws perhaps unexpected for all of us was their last game against <strong>Pumas<strong> a team that is currently out of the playoff spots In their game against Pumas <strong>Puebla<strong> took possession of the ball throughout the game however they failed to generate the necessary scoring chances which resulted in a draw <strong>Puebla currently has a record of 7 wins 6 draws and 3 losses<strong><p> < wpparagraph > < wpparagraph > <p>On the other hand we have <strong>Santos Laguna<strong> who has played excellently in the closing tournament of <strong>Liga MX<strong> <strong> Guard1anes 2021<strong> However they have unexpectedly lost points in the last few matchdays <strong>Santos<strong> lasted almost the entire tournament in third place and they were always the main pursuers of <strong>Cruz Azul and America<strong> but in recent days they have had ups and downs that have led them to be in play off zones As the championship is more governed than ever any of the 5 aforementioned teams can qualify for the next <strong>Liguilla Santos<strong> one of the most popular and most traditional teams in the Mexican league will go out to kill and die in this game to take the much disputed classification<p> < wpparagraph > < wpparagraph > <p>You can watch the best moments of the last match played between Santos and Puebla at<p> < wpparagraph > < wpembed urlhttpswwwyoutubecomwatchv=wONGuEUh2zctypevideoproviderNameSlugyoutuberesponsivetrueclassNamewp embed aspect 16 9 wp has aspect ratio > <figure class=wp block embed is type video is provider youtube wp block embed youtube wp embed aspect 16 9 wp has aspect ratio><div class=wp block embed wrapper> httpswwwyoutubecomwatchv=wONGuEUh2zc <div><figure> < wpembed > < wpparagraph > <p><strong>The Background Between <strong><strong>Santos Laguna vs Puebla<strong><p> < wpparagraph > < wpparagraph > <p><strong><em>The Last 3 Games<em><strong><p> < wpparagraph > < wplist > <ul><li>Santos Laguna has won 2 games with 8 goals in total<li><li>Puebla has won 0 games with 3 goals in total <li><ul> < wplist > < wpparagraph > <p><strong>Important Game Information<strong><p> < wpparagraph > < wplist > <ul><li><strong><em>When is it <em><strong><em>The game will be on Sunday May 2 2021<em><li><li><strong><em>What time is it <em><strong><em>The game starts at 2000 hours ET<em><li><li><strong><em>Where <em><strong><em>Corona Stadium in the city of Santos Morelos<em><li><li><strong><em>Where can I watch it <em><strong><em>FOX SPORTS 2<em><li><ul> < wplist > < wpparagraph > <p><strong>Betting Line for Santos Laguna vs Puebla LIGA MX 2021 Matchday 17<strong><p> < wpparagraph > < wpparagraph > <p>In this match both <strong>Santos Laguna<strong> and <strong>Puebla <strong>will give it their all in order to win due to the fact that the winning team will ensure their direct pass to the next <strong>Liguilla<strong> Currently <strong>Puebla<strong> has been very consistent and have scored many goals in their last games <strong>Santos Laguna<strong> despite having to play on a field that does not favor them have the experience and the necessary players to win Therefore we will give our winner card to <strong>Santos Laguna<strong><p> < wpparagraph > < wplist > <ul><li><strong>Spread <em> 12 Santos Laguna +12 Puebla<em><strong><li><li><strong>Moneyline <em> Santos Laguna + Puebla<em><strong><li><li><strong>Goals <em>+2<sup>12 <sup> 2<sup>12 <sup> <em><strong><li><ul> < wplist > < wpparagraph > <p><strong>Predictions<strong><p> < wpparagraph > < wplist > <ul><li><strong>Santos Laguna <span class=has inline color has vivid green cyan color>44<span><strong><li><li><strong>Puebla <span class=has inline color has vivid red color>302<span><strong><li><li><strong>Draw <span class=has inline color has luminous vivid amber color>258<span><strong><li><ul> < wplist >

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