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Game 6 Preview: Jazz vs. Clippers, Picks & Betting Lines

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Without Kawhi, the Clippers managed to take command of the Conference Semifinals, after a 119-111 win over the Utah Jazz at Vivint Smart Home Arena in Utah. Now the series is 3-2 in favor of the Clippers and they will return home to try to end this series and advance to the Conference Finals with the support of their fans. This has been one of the most fought games in the entire NBA, and that is, the greatest distance between both teams, in terms of points, in this last game was 9 points at the end of the 3rd quarter.

The next game between the Jazz and Clippers will be played this Friday, June 8, 2021, at the Staples Center, in the city of Los Angeles.

How do Jazz and Clippers arrive?

The Clippers came to this game with a great unknown after it was announced that Kawhi Leonard would be out indefinitely, due to the injury suffered in the crusader. This left the Clippers in the hands of Paul George, who had an excellent game and managed to put the series 3-2 in favor of the Clippers. Those coached by Ty Lue were solid in all aspects of the game, especially on a court as complicated as it is in Utah.

George led the Clippers’ offense scoring 37 points and grabbing 16 rebounds and was accompanied by a great game from Marcus Morris with 25 points and point guard Reggie Jackson with 22 points.

On the other hand, despite winning 3 of 4 periods, the Jazz failed to stop the onslaught by the Clippers in the third period. This bad defensive moment for the Jazz joined the bad night that their starbase Donovan Mitchell had, who has us used to +30 points games and, in this game, he only reached 21 points, but, missing many shots from three points. On the other hand, Bojan Bogdanovic pulled the team’s car, although he was also wrong in different shots from the field, he managed to contribute 32 points. The most interesting thing about this game is that the Jazz has to understand that they can also count on Bogdanovic’s offense since his defense is simply spectacular.

The Croatian was accompanied by Donovan Mitchell with 21 points and 5 assists, Rudy Gobert with 17 points and 10 rebounds, and Jordan Clarkson with 15 points.

Next, you will enjoy the best moments of the last match between Clippers and Jazz:

(Video courtesy of and the YouTube channel MLG Highlights)

Important game data

  • When is it? The game will be Friday, Jun 18, 2021
  • Where? Staples Center, Los Angeles, EE.UU.
  • Where can I see it? ESPN, TNT.

Betting line for Clippers and Jazz – NBA Semifinals – GAME 6

For this game 6 of the Conference Semifinals between Jazz and Clippers, we will have a game in which both coaches must plan very good strategy if they want to win the game. The Clippers must have a plan b, in case Jazz decides to intensely mark Paul George, since Kawhi’s return to the boards is not sure yet. While Jazz must try to combine the excellent state in which Bogdanovic is with the usual offense of Mitchell to try to extend the series to Game 7. In the same way, analyzing both teams and, taking into account the local condition for this game, our winner card is for the Los Angeles Clippers.

  • Moneyline:  -232 Clippers +162 Jazz
  • Field Goals: +2241/2 (-107) -2241/2 (-128) 


  • Clippers: 36.5%
  • Jazz: 63.5%

Game 5

The Western Conference semifinals continue on Wednesday night, in what will be game 5 between the two, taking into account that it has been a very even series, as both teams have made respect their home. Clippers come from equalizing the series, after going down after the first two games played at the Vivint Smart Home Arena, a place that now they will have to visit again and they will try to keep the great moment they are living after two consecutive victories, while now the team coached by Quin Snyder will have to play again the great game they showed in the first two games to get ahead at home, and not having to travel to Los Angeles with the need to win. On the other hand, the other finalist of the conference is already defined, with a crushing victory by the Phoenix Suns, who won the first four games and are now waiting for the winner of this series. Clippers will be played at the Vivint Smart Home Arena on Wednesday, June 16 at 21:00 E.T., and will be broadcasted on NBA League Pass

Five interesting facts ahead of the fifth semifinal game: 

1. The last time the two met in the playoffs, and the series was tied 2-2, the Jazz took the series. 

2. The two teams have met on three previous occasions in the playoffs, with the Jazz winning all of them. 

3. Jazz have won 4 games in the series against the Clippers this season, while the Clippers have won 3. 

4. Between them, 209 games have been played, where Clippers have won only 88 games, while Jazz has won 121 games. 

5. Jazz was the best in the regular round, finishing first in the conference, while Clippers qualified as fourth. 

Review the best plays from the last meeting between the two teams: 

Let’s review the current performance of both teams before the fifth semifinal game: 

Jazz: The locals led by Quin Snyder, must return home with the sole intention of winning, since, if not, they will be forced to travel again to Staples Center, a place that during the series has not gone well for them, since they lost the two-game lead they had taken from home, which is why the team must be more incisive offensively, with the help of players like Donovan Mitchell who was the best player in the last game with 37 touchdowns, 5 assists and 5 rebounds to keep his team fighting until the last. 

Clippers: The team that lives in the city of Los Angeles, has made a great series despite arriving at the same after a long series against Dallas Mavericks, and so far have made a great effort to stay safe and fighting to get to fight for the conference title against the Suns who already qualified. To do so, Paul Snyder’s team will again have to do good collective work, supported by Kawhi Leonard and Paul George, who were vital in last Monday’s victory over the Jazz. 

Betting line: 

Jazz: 58.7% (-140) – Points: 112.4 – Best O/U: u222-110

Clippers: 41.3% (+122) – Points: 109.2 – Best O/U: o221½-110

Game 1 Preview: Jazz vs. Clippers, Picks & Betting Lines

Game 4

One NBA series that everyone is following is, without a doubt, is the one starring the Utah Jazz and the Los Angeles Clippers. Game 3 of this series began with high expectations due to the level of play shown by the Clippers in the first two games of the series since they were 0-2 down in the series, but now we can say that the Clippers caught oxygen and got the respect they deserved at the Staples Center in Los Angeles and gave the Jazz a real beating, 132-106.

The fourth game, which will be even more exciting, will be played this Monday, June 14, 2021, at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

How do Jazz and Clippers arrive?

The Jazz entered the third game of the series confident, as they were highly superior to the Clippers in the first two games played in Utah. But in the third game, the Clippers faced a different team. In this game, Utah had its star players, Donovan Mitchell, lead them with 30 points, 5 rebounds, 4 assists, Joe Ingles with 19 points and 4 rebounds, and a Jordan Clarkson who contributed 14 points Jazz cause.

This game was great for the Jazz as they shot behind the three-point line resulting in 19 triples in 44 attempts, but the 17 of 40 in shots under the basket; this is what hurt him the most at the end of the game, and This was due to the excellent defense raised by the Los Angeles team.

For their part, we have Clippers who showed a different face than in the first two games; these are the Clippers who crushed most of their rivals in regular-season meetings and beat the powerful Dallas team in the first round of the playoffs. In this game, the Clippers, at the hands of Kawhi Leonard and Paul George, managed to crush some unrecognizable Jazz throughout the engagement.

Leonard had an excellent game, contributing 34 points, 12 rebounds, and 5 assists; Paul George was down with 31 points and 5 assists. Reggie Jackson and Nicolas Batum each contributed 17 points in the devastating victory of the Clippers in this third game of the NBA Conference Semifinal.

Next, you will enjoy the best moments of the last match between Clippers and Jazz:

(Video courtesy of and the YouTube channel MLG Highlights)

Important game data

ü When is it? The game will be Monday, Jun 14, 2021

ü Where? Staples Center, Los Angeles, EE.UU.

ü Where can I see it? ESPN, TNT.

Betting line for Clippers and Jazz – NBA Semifinals – GAME 4

After game 3, predicting what will come of the series becomes a little more complicated. It seems that the Clippers managed to find the formula to counter the excellent offense that the Jazz had shown in the first two games of the series. While the Jazz arrived in Los Angeles with a clear mission, to win at least one of the games, to be within the law of 1 to go to the Conference Finals and look for this pass in game 5 directly at home. Regardless of this, we believe the Clippers’ confidence right now was what they needed to lift the series, so our winner token for this fourth game of the series goes to the Los Angeles Clippers.

  • Moneyline:  + Clippers – JazzField Goals: + (-110) – (-110) 


  • Clippers: 47.2%
  • Jazz: 52.8%

Game 3

This year, two candidates for the NBA title are giving us a very even series that has most of us jumping out of our seats. The Utah Jazz and Los Angeles Clippers are playing in the NBA Conference Semifinals, and we know that the winner would be a strong candidate to play in the NBA Finals. The series is 2-0 in favor of Utah Jazz, thanks to an exhilarating Game 2 in which they took the victory with a partial of 117-111.

The next game in the series moves to Los Angeles, at the Clippers’ home, the Staples Center, this Saturday, June 12, 2021.

How do Jazz and Clippers arrive?

The Jazz comes into this game with six consecutive victories in the Playoffs and with an excellent record of three games over 17 triples minimum; this precedent is something that has never been seen in a PlayoffsUtah counted on its offense, mainly with Donovan Mitchell, the NBA star who is more in shape today. Mitchell was down with 37 points, 3 rebounds, and 4 assists, and for the second day in a row, it was again too much for the Clipper’s defense. His great game forged him in the first half, where he scored 27 of his 37 points and thus put the Jazz with a 64-53 partial at halftime.

For the Jazz also appeared Joe Ingles, who scored 19 points, 4 rebounds, 4 assists, and Bojan Bogdanovic, who, in addition to scoring 16 points, had an excellent and almost perfect defense against Kawhi Leonard.

On the part of the Clippers, they had a very irregular game; they were losing by up to 21 points at some point in the game. The Jazz managed to minimize the damage that Kawhi Leonard and Paul George could cause them offensively. Similarly, these two Clippers stars appeared in the second half of the game, Leonard scored 21 points and Paul George 27 points. In the same way, their shooting percentages are not those desired by the team since they have been very low, and there has been the key to why they are 0-2 down in the series.

The Clippers tried to come back from a 21-point lead in the second quarter, but this comeback was cut entirely short thanks to Mitchell’s excellent performance and Bogdanovic’s fierce defense over Kawhi.

Next, you will enjoy the best moments of the last match between Jazz and Clippers:

(Video courtesy of and the YouTube channel MLG Highlights)

Important game data

ü When is it? The game will be Saturday, Jun 12, 2021

ü Where? Staples Center, Los Angeles, EE.UU.

ü Where can I see it? ESPN, TNT.

Betting line for Jazz and Clippers – NBA Playoffs – GAME 3

The NBA Conference Semifinals series between Clippers and Jazz reaches Game 3 with the series 2-0 in favor of the Jazz. Again, the Clippers are drowning before reaching the Conference Finals, but we are sure that the games they play at the Staples Center will be completely different. At the same time, the Jazz comes into this game with confidence fully intact, with a Donovan Mitchell who has been unstoppable for the Clipper’s defense. But despite this, the Clippers have played some excellent home games, so our winner token for Game 3 goes to the Los Angeles Clippers.

  • Moneyline:  +155 Jazz -185 Clippers
  • Field Goals: +2231/2 (-110) -2231/2 (-110) 


  • Jazz: 51%
  • Clippers: 49%

Game 2

The series between Jazz and Clippers started with an exhilarating game that could have gone into overtime on the last play if the Clippers would have hit a 3-point shot during the final second of the fourth period. The meeting ended with a favorable result for Jazz 112-109.

Game 2 of the series between the Utah Jazz and Los Angeles Clippers will be played this Thursday, June 10, 2021, again at the Vivint Smart Home Arena in Utah.

How do Jazz and Clippers arrive?

After a challenging first round of the Playoffs for the Clippers, where they beat the powerful Dallas Mavericks in 7 games, they played this first game intending to win at least one of two games on the road. The Clippers began dominating the game; they won the first half, 60-47, and looked somewhat superior to the Jazz, but after the break, something happened, and they kept missing shots and ended up losing the game.

The Clippers relied solely on Kawhi Leonard, who scored 23 points and 7 rebounds, and Paul George with 20 points and 11 rebounds. Overall it was an awful game for point guard Rajon Rondo who, in 2 minutes played, only scored 5 points and distributed 5 assists.

For their part, the Utah Jazz reached this Semifinal series after a comfortable victory in the first round of the Playoffs against the Grizzlies, defeating them 4-1. So, they came to this game with 2 more days off than the Clippers. After the first two periods of oblivion that the Jazz had, they went out to kill or die in the second half and impressively crushed the Clippers, we cannot observe it on the scoreboard, but the level of play shown by Jazz in this second half it was impressive.

The Jazz featured in this game Donovan Mitchell who scored 45 points and gave 5 assists; Bojan Bogdanovic and Jordan Clarkson, who lost 18 points respectively. An impressive game for the Jazz point guard helped him lead his team to a remarkable and long-suffering victory.

Next, you will enjoy the best moments of the last match between Jazz and Clippers:

(Video courtesy of and the YouTube channel MLG Highlights)

Important game data

ü When is it? The game will be Thursday, Jun 10, 2021

ü Where? Vivint Smart Home Arena, Utah, EE.UU.

ü Where can I see it? ESPN, TNT.

Betting line for Jazz and Clippers – NBA Playoffs – GAME 2

The first game of the Conference Semifinals series between the Jazz and Clippers was full of emotions from the second 1 until the last second of the game. Clippers had possession in their hands to equalize the actions and command the game on time extra. Yes, that’s how even the game was, but it must be recognized that both sides of the teams were known; the first half was primarily dominated by the Clippers while the second half by Jazz. Both teams must correct certain errors for the second game, but the most worrying thing for the Clippers is the poor performance shown by Rondo. While the Jazz looked to roll from the first period as they did in the second half of the first game. That said, our winner token for this second game is for the Utah Jazz.

  • Moneyline:  + Jazz – ClippersField Goals: + (-110) – (-110) 


  • Jazz: 43.8%
  • Clippers: 56.2%

Game 1

Today the road to the semifinals will begin for the Utah Jazz, who qualified in the fifth game against Memphis Grizzlies on June 2, giving them six days of rest and preparation before facing the Clippers. The Clippers, however, have been playing nonstop, managing to qualify in the seventh game against the formidable Dallas Mavericks, who kept them down until game 5; until Kawhi Leonard’s team ramped up to take the series against the Mavericks. Clippers will take place at the Vivint Smart Home Arena starting at 21:00 E.T. and will be broadcasted on NBA League Pass. 

5 interesting facts to review before the first semifinal matchup between Jazz vs. Clippers: 

1. This semifinal between the two will be the first between the two. 

2. The Los Angeles Clippers have never been able to win a playoff series against the Utah Jazz (3L). 

3. The last time the two teams met for playoffs was in 2017, and the series was defined in Game 7 in favor of Jazz. 

4. Utah Jazz dominates the series between the two this season, winning two of the three times they have met. 

5. The Clippers’ last win at the home of Utah Jazz was on February 13, 2017. 

Let’s review the last meeting between the two:  (Video courtesy of: MLG Highlights). 

Let’s review the performance of both teams before the first semifinal duel: 

Utah Jazz: Those led by Quin Snyder will arrive at these semifinals in optimal conditions and is that they come from defeating almost a week ago the Memphis Grizzlies in only five games, where they lost the first game, and the rest was history, four consecutive victories that allow them to be among the four best in the NBA Western Conference, This result is not a coincidence since during the regular season they were the best in the conference with 52 games won and only 20 lost, so they will again be the favorites against the Clippers in the series that is the prelude to the conference finals. 

Let’s review the last Utah Jazz game:  (Video courtesy of: MLG Highlights). 

Los Angeles Clippers: The team led by Kawhi Leonard will continue to face significant challenges. During the first series against the Mavericks, they fell behind and didn’t pick up their pace until they won the sixth and seventh game, allowing them entry into the conference semifinals for the second year. Now they will face a team that historically they have never been able to defeat in the playoffs; in addition, they only managed to beat them three times during the regular season, so they’ll have a mountain to climb to neutralize the Jazz. 

Let’s review the last Los Angeles Clippers game:  (Video courtesy of: MLG Highlights). 

Betting line: 

Jazz: 59.7% (-164) – Points: 112.5 – Best O/U: u221½-110 

Clippers: 40.3% (+145) – Points: 109.1 – Best O/U: o220½-110

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