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Miami Heat vs. Denver Nuggets Game 2: The NBA Finals Betting Odds 

Miami Heat vs. Denver Nuggets Game 2: The NBA Finals Betting Odds 

Finals: Nuggets vs. Heat
Copa America 2024

Update: Game 1: Nuggets 104-93 Heat

The NBA finals started their engines yesterday with an excellent match, although, there were not surprises. As we predicted in our game 1 preview, tiredness accumulated from the last round weighted heavily on the Heat, as the Denver Nuggets dominated the first three quarters with ease and just let loose at the last one, when everything was already said and done.

Nuggets vs. Heat Game 2 Preview


Sunday, June 4rth, at 8:00 pm ET in the Ball Arena

Betting Odds:

Nuggets -390

Heat +295

Where can I watch it?

NBA League Pass

Why bet on the Nuggets?

The Nuggets are massive favorites in this finals, and yesterday they showed why. The dominant performance led by Jokic allow them to manage the tempo of the game efficiently in the final minutes, while their rivals seemed to have been moving pieces randomly in the board trying to get a result.

The Serbian got a triple-double with 10 rebounds, 14 assists, and 27 points, turning into a real nightmare for the Heat’s defense. Jamal Murray also had a good night, getting a double-double of his own with 6 rounds, 10 assists, and 26 points. 

For this game the Denver team cannot expect their rivals to be as passive, so they must show resilience and intelligence to get that valuable 2-0 before heading to Florida.

Why bet on the Heat?

The protagonists of one of the greatest underdog stories of the last years come to this second game in dire need. The Heat is paying a lot for their antics in the conference finals, as letting a 3-0 advantage vanish was not the ideal scenario against a team who swept their rivals.

Whatever the case, the Eastern Conference champions have yet another chance to put things in order before seeing their fans again, so they must win as we already saw what the Nuggets can achieve when they carry momentum.

Bam Adebayo was the spearhead last night, getting a double-double with 13 rebounds, 5 assists, and 26 points. Behind came Gabe Vincent and Jimmy Butler with 2-5-19 and 7-7-13 respectively. We should also mention the 18 points of Highsmith, although he was hardly relevant in any other department.

Nuggets vs. Heat Game 2 Free Betting Pick

The Ball arena will be buzzing once again, and we’ll analyze some key aspects of this Nuggets vs. Heat second game before going on. Two key aspects were relevant for Denver’s victory, as they were very effective on the paint with a 50.6 percentage of success and, most importantly, knew how to take advantage of the Heat’s mental tiredness by getting a lot of fouls and converting them into points.

The Heat will put some things for this match, so expect a slightly different approach this time. However, if the Miami side gets in the same dynamics as yesterday, we shouldn’t believe that the Nuggets will not take the chance.

In the end, we expect another victory for Denver.

Go for a victory for the Nuggets at -390. If you bet $100 in the locals’ win at such odds, you could get $25.64 for a total payout of $125.64.

Nuggets vs. Heat Betting Pick: Denver Nuggets

Series Overview

The Nuggets and Heat did not have the best campaign of the season but reached the NBA final with merit. The Nuggets led the Western Conference from start to finish but with 53 regular season wins, fewer than the 76ers, Celtics, and Bucks.

The Miami Heat was ranked 8th in the Eastern Conference and needed to prove to itself, critics, and fans alike that they had enough quality to reach the final stages of the NBA. The Miami team eliminated the Bucks, Knicks, and Celtics before reaching this final. If the Heat are not respected for not having the best players, at least they are seen as a cohesive and very united team.

Denver Nuggets – Odds to win the NBA Championship

Betting Odds: -265

The Nuggets have shown great regularity this NBA season. Western Conference leader in the first phase, the Nuggets beat the Timberwolves, the Suns, and the Lakers and now have the Miami Heat ahead.

There is no way to talk about the Nuggets and not praise Luka Jokic’s performances. Extremely participatory, Jokic has already produced statistics that make him enter the history of the best players in the NBA.

Miami Heat – Odds to win the NBA Championship

Betting Odds: +275

The Miami Heat will enter the court, once again, under the distrust of their fans. Despite winning the Eastern Conference final, the Miami Heat does not seem to be a rival to the mighty Nuggets.

Jimmy Butler and Caleb Martin are the Heat’s main players, as they are always involved in scoring points and providing assists for the team. Against the Nuggets, the Heat will need to play a very balanced match, seeking to neutralize the main opposing players.

Betting the NBA Finals to Win

How to Bet on the NBA Finals?

The NBA has a multi-game series to decide its champion, so there are two ways to bet. You can either make a single bet for the overall winner or bet in each game. Of course, you could combine both, but if your predictions for each match end up contradicting your champion pick, you could feel encouraged to make a wrong decision just to follow your original thoughts.

Is a matter of emotional intelligence. If you can do just fine with changing your opinion if the situation requires it, go ahead!

Remember that the odds of the NBA are published after every game, so even if it could be possible to bet on every game in advance, is not the most commendable thing to do. Take into account that the series could even fail to reach the seventh game.

Smart Bets for the NBA Finals

We give some hints above for your smart bets, but let us give a deeper look into the most important points. Remember that fanatism should be taken out of the way when betting, so, if you are a fan of one of the teams, maybe you should reconsider your choices.

In the end, betting is a form of entertainment. If you don’t feel good betting against your team, don’t do it.

In the same way, take into account that every individual pick should be made taking its considerations. That’s why, as we said above, you should take a good decision about whether to bet on the overall champions or not.

Read the betting analysis, and don’t stick to the odds. Here at Gambyl, you can find relevant data and stats that could help you weigh your decision better. Remember, Sportsbooks can be one-dimensional sometimes, looking at the bigger picture gives you a better chance of success.

Nuggets vs. Heat Game 1 Free Betting Pick

In the last 20 games between the Nuggets and Heat, the Denver team won 12 times. Will this paternity play in their favor?


Thursday, June 1st at 08:30 pm ET 

Moneyline odds:

Nuggets -380

Heat +300

Where Can I Watch? 

NBA League Pass

Why bet on the Nuggets?

Coming from six straight wins, the Nuggets are considered favorites to start the final series with a victory. Playing in front of their fans, the Nuggets are a much more aggressive and consistent team.

The four victories against the giant Lakers demonstrate the potential of this team: very talented players, who help each other and keep the intensity high from the beginning to the end of the games.

Why bet on the Heat?

The photos, jerseys, and medals of the champion of the Eastern Conference gave the Heat its seventh classification for the NBA Finals, making the team of Miami one of the ones that reached this feat.

The numbers against the Nuggets are unfavorable, but the trajectory of the Miami Heat this season demonstrates that anything is possible.

Game 1 Best Bets and Free Pick

The Nuggets are the big favorites to win the NBA this season. After a few days of rest, the Nuggets seem more rested and ready to take the lead in this series of games.

At we find that the Denver Nuggets is the favorite with a Moneyline of -380, while the Heat has +300.

Luka Jokic’s talent will be a big difference in this match. We believe in the victory of the Denver Nuggets.

Go for a straight win for Denver Nuggets in the Moneyline. If you bet $100 on the win at -237, you will gain $26 for a total payout of $126.

Nuggest vs. Heat Game 1 Betting Pick: Denver Nuggets

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