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Game 7 Preview: Bucks vs. Nets – Betting Lines & Predictions

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Game 6 Preview: Bucks vs. Nets - Betting Lines & Predictions

Game 7

This Saturday, at 8:30 p.m., at the beautiful Barclays Center in New York City, the game of the year, between the Brooklyn Nets and the Milwaukee Bucks, will play the decisive seventh game of the NBA Eastern Conference Semifinals. In this series, neither team has managed to win on the road, so we will see if this trend continues with the series tied 3-3.

How do Bucks and Nets arrive?

The Milwaukee Bucks did their homework to win the game 104-89 at home. The Bucks dominated during Game 5 of the series. So many of us are wondering how this team hasn’t won the series yet? It would seem the Nets are determined not to let this series be taken away so easily.

For the Bucks, two fundamental names for their offense stood out, Khris Middleton and Giannis AntetokounmpoMiddleton had a historic game for him; he set his high by scoring 38 points, taking 10 rebounds, and handing out 5 steals. Moreover, with a percentage of more than 50% in shots of three, thanks to the fact that he scored 5 in 8 attempts. On the other hand, his great star Antetokounmpo scored 30 points and took 17 rebounds.

We have the Brooklyn Nets, who seem to be having the same problem throughout the season, the injuries of their leading figures. Kevin Durant again managed to carry the offense of the Nets team, but this time, this was not enough for a team that had the wonderful night of Middleton and AntetokounmpoDurant managed to get another double-double in the playoffs, as he scored 32 points and grabbed 11 rebounds. Although Harden was able to play a large part of the game and, with his limitations, he managed to score 16 points, The Beard cannot help in defense to be practically defending with 4 players.

Next, you will enjoy the best moments of the last match between Bucks and Nets:

(Video courtesy of and the YouTube channel MLG Highlights)

Important game data

ü When is it? The game will be Saturday, Jun 19, 2021

ü Where? Barclays Center, New York, EE.UU.

ü Where can I see it? ESPN, TNT.

Betting line for Bucks and Nets – NBA Semifinals – GAME 7

We’re sure that game 7 of the series between the Bucks and the Nets will be a nail-biter where we’ll see the best players go toe-to-toe. While it’s true that Durant can win alone, in these highly advanced competitive instances, this feat becomes complicated since without Irving and with Harden, this series would’ve already be finished. The Bucks have direct responsibility in this; they have not managed to take advantage of this gap that the Nets have left them and, now they are in the last game of the road series. The game is for either team, but we believe that the winner of the game and the series will be the Brooklyn Nets.

  • Moneyline:  -102 Bucks -110 NetsField Goals: +215 (-110) -215 (-110) 


  • Bucks: 42.5%
  • Nets: 57.5%

Game 6

The NBA Conference Semifinal that is most watched by basketball fans worldwide between the Milwaukee Bucks and Brooklyn Nets, every day surprises us and gives us games that we are not expecting or that simply cannot be explained. Game 5 of the series, was full of many doubts for the Nets since they did not know if they could count on Irving and Harden, both being out of the court due to injury. And the Milwaukee Bucks who came to the Barclays Center trying to get ahead in the series and look for a place in the Conference Final in the home game.

The next game between the Bucks and Nets will be played this Thursday, June 17, 2021, at the Fiserv Forum, in Milwaukee.

How do Bucks and Nets arrive?

The Nets came to this game at Barclays Center somewhat touched because they would not have 100% of their stars, due to injuries suffered in past games, Irving and Harden. While it is true that Harden returned and played almost the entire match, it was not decisive in this 5th game. But who needs an Irving or a Harden if you have a demon named Kevin Durant in your lineup? KD showed why most journalists and basketball connoisseurs worldwide classify him as the best player in the world. Durant took the team on his shoulder and led them to victory scoring 49 points, taking 17 rebounds, and distributing 10 assists.

Durant was accompanied offensively by Blake Griffin who scored 17 points and Jeff Green who dropped with 27 points in 35 minutes played.

For its part, the Milwaukee Bucks came to the game with great confidence, because they would only have to focus on one of the three demons, but, when they knew the lineup and saw that James Harden was in it, the plans changed in their entirety. The Bucks began by winning the game and overwhelming a Nets team that was not found, they managed to go to rest with a partial victory of 59-43, 16 points clear, against a team that only had Kevin Durant in its offense. But, the second half was completely different, the Nets’ machine was turned on and the Bucks could not find a formula to stop all the attacks received.

The Bucks offensively counted on their star Giannis Antetokounmpo who scored 34 points and grabbed 12 rebounds, Khris Middleton with 25 points, and Jrue Holiday with 19 points and 8 assists.

Next, you will enjoy the best moments of the last match between Bucks and Nets:

(Video courtesy of and the YouTube channel MLG Highlights)

Important game data

  • When is it? The game will be Thursday, Jun 17, 2021
  • Where? Fiserv Forum, Milwaukee, EE.UU.
  • Where can I see it? ESPN, TNT.

Betting line for Bucks and Nets – NBA Semifinals – GAME 6

It seems that the Bucks have not fully managed to come up with a formula that allows them to knock out the best player in the world Kevin DurantBucks arrived confident that they could handle KD and he received them with a recital that left them in check. While the Nets hope to get Irving back and, of course, count on James Harden’s offense in its entirety, since they know that when these 3 stars are on the court, losing does not become an option. That said and, with certain doubts as to how both teams reach the next game on the issue of absences due to injuries, we opted for the Milwaukee Bucks as the winners of this game 6 of the series.

  • Moneyline:  + Bucks – Nets
  • Field Goals: + (-110) – (-110) 


  • Bucks: 49.7%
  • Nets: 49.7%
Game 2 Preview: Bucks vs. Nets - Betting Lines & Predictions

Game 5

Game 5 of the Bucks and Nets is ramping up to be a good one as the series is tied at 2-2. After starting down 0-2, the Bucks have managed to even the series after two successful home games at the Fiserv Forum. Game 4 of the series was an excellent game for the Bucks in which they won 107-96.

Game 5 between the Bucks and Nets will be played this Tuesday, June 15, 2021, at the Barclays Center in New York City.

How do Bucks and Nets arrive?

The Bucks enter this fifth game of the series with confidence and morale through the roof after returning to a winning streak. As usual, the Bucks relied on the offensive contribution of their star Giannis Antetokounmpo, who scored 34 points and grabbed 12 rebounds. They also had Khris Middleton, who, when playing 41 minutes, scored 19 points and distributed 8 assists.

In this last game, the Bucks had a shooting percentage of 44.3%, with 39/88 shots from the field made. The point that the Bucks must correct if they want to win the game in New York is the free throws since, in this last game, they scored 13 of 20, with a low percentage of 65%.

On the other hand, the Nets arrive beaten and have suffered the absence of James Harden on the court. They only had Kevin Durant, who scored 28 points and took 13 rebounds. Irving was the only one who barely exceeded 10 points, scoring 11 units and distributing 2 assists in just 17 minutes played.

The Nets, for their part, must improve the percentages in three-point shots since in this last game, they scored 10 in 33 attempts, which gives them a shooting percentage of 30.3%, extremely low for a team that has so many offensive stars.

Next, you will enjoy the best moments of the last match between Bucks and Nets:

(Video courtesy of and the YouTube channel MLG Highlights)

Important game data

ü When is it? The game will be Tuesday, Jun 15, 2021

ü Where? Barclays Center, New York, EE.UU.

ü Where can I see it? ESPN, TNT.

Betting line for Bucks and Nets – NBA Semifinals – GAME 5

Game 5 of the series between the Bucks and Nets will be a hard one to call. The last game showed different shortcomings for both teams. There was an apparent absence on the court of important players for the Nets. They relied solely on Durant, who couldn’t carry the team to victory. At the same time, the Bucks want to continue their excellent offensive game and put the series in their favor and try to conquer a perfect comeback. But regardless of this, our winner token is for the Brooklyn Nets.

  • Moneyline:  + Bucks – Nets
  • Field Goals: + (-110) – (-110) 


  • Bucks: 46.1%
  • Nets: 53.9%

Game 4

This Sunday, June 13, we will live the fourth game of the playoff semifinals between Milwaukee Bucks, who come from achieving their first victory in the semifinals, playing a great defensive game against the offensive power of their rival, the Brooklyn Nets. They scored the same of points as in their second loss to the Nets (86). Still, this time it was enough for them to achieve the victory, with an outstanding performance by Giannis Antetokounmpo and Khris Middleton, both of them have scored 68 points and 29 rebounds, in what was a tremendous performance to close the gap against the Brooklyn Nets, who will now seek to recover from this defeat and will try to rethink their offense strategy. This game between Bucks vs. Nets will be played on Sunday, June 13 at Fiserv Forum at 14:00 E.T. and broadcasted by ESPN. 

Let’s review 5 important facts before Game 4 of the Bucks vs. Nets semifinals: 

1. Historically, in playoffs between both teams, the series is led by Bucks with 2 wins against Nets, who only have one; both series were in the first round. 

2. For the first time, the two teams will meet in a conference semifinal. 

3. The last time Bucks lost at home to Milwaukee Bucks was on 4, 2020, last season. 

4. The most significant difference Milwaukee Bucks has drawn playing at home this season against Nets is 6 points. 

5. They have met 6 times this season; each one has won 3 times, taking into account that the home team always wins. 

Review the best plays of the last game between Milwaukee Bucks vs. Brooklyn Nets: (Video courtesy of: MLG Highlights) 

How the teams are coming into Game 4 of the Western Conference Semifinals: 

The Milwaukee Bucks will face the second game at home, coming off a great game at home, where they were able to empower two of their best players to play and help beat the Nets for the first time in the series. The importance of winning the second duel between the two is that no team has been defeated at home during the season. So it will be crucial to equalize the series if they want to extend and fight for a place in the Eastern Conference Finals. 

The Brooklyn Nets, on their side, still leads the series and will seek to end their losing streak at Fiserv Forum. However, they know that the opponent has made tremendous gains. The duel that took place this Thursday night has been one of the best games of the NBA season, so it’s a tough call on who will get the pass to the finals. 

Betting line: 

Bucks: 51.0% (+110) – Points: 116.6 – Best O/U: u229-110 

Nets: 49.0% (-130) – Points: 116.3 – Best O/U: o229-110 

Game 3

The third game of the semifinals will be played between Milwaukee Bucks vs. Brooklyn Nets on June 10Now the Bucks will have homecourt advantage. At the Barclays Center, home of Brooklyn Nets, they were defeated in both matches, so if they failed to neutralize their opponents at home, the series could either be decided or leave them to play again at home. This duel will take place on Thursday, June 10, at Fiserv Forum at 6:30 p.m. ET and will be broadcasted on NBA League Pass. 

Let’s review 5 interesting facts before the third semifinal matchup between Bucks vs. Nets: 

1. Milwaukee Bucks, won two regular-season games against the Brooklyn Nets, achieved the victory. 

2. Brooklyn Nets dominates the series this season against Bucks, winning 3 out of five games. 

3. The two teams have met only once in the conference semifinals, with the Milwaukee Bucks winning 4-2 in the 1984 season. 

4. The last previous playoff meeting between the two teams was in 2003 when the Brooklyn Nets qualified for the semifinals by winning 4-2. 

5. The series between the two in the playoffs is 9 wins for the Bucks and 8 wins for the Nets. 

Let’s review game number two between the two in the Eastern Conference semifinals:  (Video courtesy of: MLG Highlights). 

How do the two teams fare head into Game 3 of the NBA Eastern Conference semifinals? 

Milwaukee Bucks: The team coached by Mike Budenholzer has received two tough defeats at the beginning of the semifinals against the Nets. A formidable team, the Bucks have reached the semifinals after eliminating the Miami Heat. So these past losses have hurt their confidence, but now it will be their turn to return home, a place where they already know what it means to win against their rivals this season. They will need to rely on their defensive grit and a tremendous offense by their top player Giannis Antetokounmpo to try to take the lead in the series and extend the series by one more game. 

Brooklyn Nets: The Nets must travel to the Fiserv Forum to try to maintain their incredible momentum. During the first round, they managed to overcome the Boston Celtics in five games. The similarity with this series against Milwaukee is that they also started winning the first two home games. They already know how to handle these situations and will take advantage of their excellent start since they are already 4 games unbeaten between the first round and the semifinals. 

Betting line: 

Bucks: 52.5% (-160) – Points: 117.0 – Best O/U: u234-110

Nets: 47.5% (+140) – Points: 115.9 – Best O/U: o234-110

Game 2

The Brooklyn Nets gave the first blow during the first game of the NBA Eastern Conference Semifinal against the Milwaukee Bucks. The New Yorkers took the first win of the series with a result of 115-107.

Game 2 of the series will be played on Monday, June 7, 2021, at the Barclays Center in New York.

How do Bucks and Nets arrive?

The Nets started with a victory in this first game, but we think the loss of James Harden is going to be a hard hit for this team. Harden, who, after only 43 seconds of the game, was injured, flaring recent muscular problems that he has been dealing with recently. So, it should be noted that even with the loss of Harden, the Nets still managed to crush a Bucks.

KD had a remarkable night in which he scored 29 points and had 10 rebounds, with almost 50% effectiveness in field goals, while Irving scored 25 points, in which he had to play many minutes, almost the entire game, due to Harden’s discharge. The pleasant surprise for the Nets was the great game of Blake Griffin; the former Clippers star had one of his great nights, in which he scored 18 points and had 14 rebounds, showing that his basketball is still active.

On the other hand, the Bucks did their best to stop all of the Nets’ sweeping offenses, but the effectiveness of the Brooklyn team was spectacular. Despite this, Giannis Antetokounmpo managed to score 34 points with 11 rebounds and finished as the top scorer of the game, but this was not enough to charge his team and lead them to victory. Giannis was accompanied by a quintet of greats raised by the starting coach.

Another factor that affected the collective performance of the Bucks was the poor performance of Khris Middleton, who only managed to hit 6 of 23 shots from the court. Despite this, he finished the game with a double-double with 13 points and 13 rebounds, but he missed too many shots that we’re used to seeing him score; we don’t know if the pressure of the semifinals affected him or it was just not his night.

Next, you will enjoy the best moments of the last match between Bucks and Nets:

(Video courtesy of and the YouTube channel MLG Highlights)

Important game data

ü When is it? The game will be on Monday, Jun 07, 2021

ü Where? Barclays Center, EE.UU.

ü Where can I see it? ESPN, TNT.

Betting line for Bucks vs. Nets – NBA Semifinals – GAME 2

Matches between teams of this caliber will always be exciting, and we know that this will be an excellent series. The Nets are hyped after beating the Celtics in their first series and are looking to win the second match. While the Bucks are coming off a bad game, but on the bright side, they only lost by 8 points, so we believe that if they fine-tune their shots on net and take advantage of the loss of James Harden, they could put the series in their favor. In the same way, we believe that those led by Durant will take the victory for this second game, so our winner token is for the Brooklyn Nets.

  • Moneyline:  +110 Bucks -130 Nets Field Goals: +2331/2 (-110) -2331/2 (-110) 


  • Bucks: 41.2%
  • Nets: 58.8%

Game 1

The NBA semi-finals are underway with Milwaukee Bucks vs Brooklyn Nets this Saturday, June 5, at the Barclays Center. Game 1 will be a tough fight at the Nets home court, and will have star players like Kevin Durant, James Harden, Kyrie Irving, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Khris Middleton fighting to take the victory. 

How Did the Bucks and Nets Get Here?

Both teams come from dominating their first rounds of the NBA Playoffs, in which the Nets won 4-1 against the Boston Celtics, while the Bucks won 4-0 against the Miami Heat.

The Nets come to this game with a strong offensive team. Durant, Harden, and Irving seem to be totally in sync, and will give it their all to win the series. While their defense isn’t as strong, their offense is through the roof, and the Bucks must try to stop 3 of the best offensive players who are currently dominating as a team. 

The Bucks come to the semi-finals counting on the offensive power of Giannis Antetokounmpo. Although Antetokounmpo did not perform as well as expected in the first round, averaging 23.5 points per game, the Bucks still took the series 4-0 against the Heat. Therefore, the Nets must not only be on the lookout for Antetokounmpo, but also for Holiday, Bledsoe, Forbes, and Portis.

Watch the best moments of the last match between Bucks and Nets at:

Important Game Information

  • When is it? The game will be on Saturday, Jun 05, 2021.
  • Where? Barclays Center, EE.UU.
  • Where can I see it? ESPN, TNT.

Betting Line for Bucks vs Nets – NBA Semi-finals – Game 1

The NBA semi-finals begins with the Bucks and the Nets who are the top contenders for the NBA title this season. Therefore, the winner of this series will most likely be the winner of the title this season. The Bucks have established a very collective team to face the powerful Nets, while the Nets have three of the top NBA athletes on their side. It is unknown who will dominate the series, but for Game 1, we are giving our winning card to the Brooklyn Nets.

  • Moneyline:  +150 Bucks           -180 Nets
  • Field Goals: +2391/2 (-110)            -2391/2 (-110)


  • Nets: 58.1%
  • Bucks: 41.9%

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