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Game 5 Preview: Hawks vs. Knicks – Betting Lines, and Predictions

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Game 5

This Wednesday, the playoff series will continue with Game 5 between the New York Knicks and the Atlanta Hawks. The Atlanta Hawks are currently dominating the series with a 3-1 lead, and if the Knicks want to stay in the playoffs, they will have to step up their game and take the win in Game 5. Game 5 will be played at Madison Square Garden this Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. and will be broadcasted on NBA League Pass.

Important Facts About New York Knicks vs Atlanta Hawks

1. The Atlanta Hawks were winless in all three of their regular round matchups against the New York Knicks.

2. The Knicks lead the series against the Hawks this season with 4 wins, while the Atlanta Hawks have 3 wins.

3. In previous playoff games between the two teams, the Atlanta Hawks have yet to overcome the series.

4. In the history of games played this season between the two teams, the Atlanta Hawks have the largest win against the Knicks this season with a 17 point difference (113 – 96).

5. The Knicks and the Hawks have played 393 games against one another with the Knicks having 206 wins and the Hawks having 187 wins. 

Watch the best moments of Game 4 between the Atlanta Hawks and the New York Knicks at:

How Did the NY Knicks and the Atlanta Hawks Get Here? 

The NY Knicks return to their home court this Wednesday with the need of a victory. Despite not having been defeated by the Hawks in the regular season, the Hawks have come out on top and now have three wins in the playoff series. That is why players such as Derrick Rose and Julius Randle will have to bring their all and take the team to victory in order to extend the series to Game 6.

The Atlanta Hawks, coached by Nate McMillan, have surprised us all in the playoffs as they came to the series having yet to win a single game against the Knicks in the regular season. With a 3-1 lead in the playoff series, the Hawks have a chance to end the series and eliminate the Knicks from the playoffs. 

Betting Line:

Knicks: 50.3% (-120) – Points: 109.1 – Best O/U: u208-110

Hawks: 49.7 (+106) – Points: 108.9 – Best O/U: o207½-110

Game 4


This Sunday, May 30, the State Farm Arena will witness the fourth game of the Playoffs series between the local Atlanta Hawks, who come from winning the last game with a score of 105 – 94, which allowed them to take the lead in the series, against the New York Knicks. The Knicks had a pretty good game but could not contain the offense of the local team, who knew how to capitalize on their first game at home to take the lead and put pressure for the game to be played on Sunday. 

Five interesting facts to review before Sunday’s Hawks vs. Knicks game 

1. During the regular season, the Atlanta Hawks failed to beat the New York Knicks in all three games. 

2. Atlanta Hawks have 12 consecutive home games without a loss. 

3. In New York Knicks’ last five away games, they have only one win. 

4. The Atlanta Hawks have never won a playoff series against the New York Knicks. 

5. The last Knicks victory at State Farm Arena was last January 4, when they won with 108 – 113. 

New York Knicks:  (Video courtesy of: MLG Highlights) 

Will this be the season Atlanta Hawks can knock off Knicks in Playoffs? 

The team led by Nate McMillan has had an outstanding performance so far in the playoffs against the Knicks. They are already ahead in the playoffs, with their lastest victory achieved last Friday night. This is the first time Atlanta has earned two wins in the same playoffs, giving them extra motivation. Trae Young had an excellent performance in the last meeting with 21 points scored in 37 minutes on the court and also handed out 14 assists to guide the Hawks to victory. 

Knicks look to even series against Hawks on Sunday 

The pressure for the New York team is present since Friday’s loss since they are not currently on an incredible streak as visitors. Still, they already know what it means to win at the State Farm Arena this season, so they will have to believe in themselves again to even the series. For that, the team will have to work together with their coach Tom Thibodeau, who knows that he will have to work not only tactically to get back home with the series evened. 

Where and when to watch the game? 

This Sunday, May 30, at the State Farm Arena, the fourth game between Atlanta Hawks vs. Atlanta Hawks will be played at 12:00 E.T. and will be broadcasted on ESPN. 

Betting line: 

Hawks: 55.9% – Points: 110.8 

Knicks: 44.1% – Points: 108.5

Game 3

This Friday, Game 3 of the playoff series will be played between the Atlanta Hawks and the New York Knicks at the State Farm Arena. The series between the two teams is currently tied at 1-1 after the NY Knicks won Game 2 on Wednesday, May 26. The Knicks will need to take advantage of the good momentum they have generated and fight to take the victory. Historically, the Hawks have a pretty poor record against the Knicks, which they hope to break this season. The Hawks have a chance to take a better approach now that they are playing at their home court. Game 3 will be played on Thursday, May 28 at 18:00 E.T. on ESPN.

Important Facts About the Hawks vs Knicks

1. In the last five games between the Hawks and the Knicks at the State Farm Arena, the Hawks have one win and the Knicks have 4 wins. 

2. In the last three seasons, the two teams have played against one another 12 times with the Knicks winning 9 games and the Hawks winning only 3 games.

3. The New York Knicks have an average of over 103 points per game within the playoffs, while the Atlanta Hawks average at 99.5 points per game.

4. In the history of games between the two teams, the Atlanta Hawks have won 199 games and the New York Knicks have won 192 games.

5. The only tie within a playoff series game between the two teams was in 1971, in which the Knicks then won the following three games to qualify for the finals.

Watch Game 2 of the Hawks vs Knicks playoff series at:

How Did the Hawks and the Knicks Get Here? 

The Atlanta Hawks, coached by Nate McMillan must recover quickly from their loss to the Knicks in Game 2, where offensively, they did not have a great performance. During this game, they managed to score only 31 opportunities of the 84 shots during the entire game, and were only effective in free throws where they managed to score 81.8% of the opportunities they had. So, at their local court, the State Farm Arena, they must improve their offensive performance, as well as become more accurate when shooting at the rim.

The New York Knicks visit Atlanta with the intention of continuing their great performance in the playoffs against the Hawks. In Game 2, their star player Derrick Rose, had an exceptional performance with 39 minutes of play, 26 points scored, 6 assists, and 6 rebounds. For Game 3, the Knicks want to keep their great momentum, and thus, become the leader of the playoff series against the Atlanta Hawks. 

Betting Line:

Hawks: 56.0% (-180) – Points: 110.8 – Best O/U: u211-110

Knicks: 44.0% (+170) – Points: 108.5 – Best O/U: o211-110

Game 2

Can the Knicks Even the Series? Full Predictions, Picks & Lines: Knicks vs Hawks

This Wednesday night, we will have the opportunity to witness the second game of the playoffs between the Knicks and Hawks. The Knicks failed during the first duel on Sunday and wasting their home-court advantage but are hopeful to change the story. 

Let’s review 5 interesting facts between the two teams before the second playoff duel: 

1. Atlanta Hawks had 4 consecutive games without defeating New York Knicks. 

2. This is the third time the two teams have met in the playoffs; the Knicks have advanced to the previous two occasions. 

3. Last Sunday’s Atlanta Hawks victory marked the second playoff win over the Knicks, the first coming on March 27, 1971. 

4. New York Knicks lost a streak of 7 consecutive games, winning against Atlanta Hawks in playoffs. 

5. Atlanta Hawks dominate the series against New York Knicks, with 199 wins against 191, adding regular season and playoffs. 

Let’s review the best plays from the first Knicks vs. Hawks playoff game:  (Video courtesy of: MLG Highlights) 

Can the New York Knicks get back to winning ways against the Atlanta Hawks? 

The team coached by Tom Thibodeau must try to even the series. During the regular season, they managed to beat the Hawks in all three games. However, they will have to play better defensively so that players like Alec Burks, who was the best of the Knicks in the first game, with 27 points, 4 assists, 3 rebounds in 26 minutes played, can make a difference that becomes a victory and parity in the series. 

Atlanta Hawks regained the victory over New York Knicks and wants to make a surprise. 

A stellar performance by the team’s point guard, Trae Young, who played 35 minutes and scored 32 points, in addition to 10 assists and 7 rebounds, led his team to Atlanta’s first playoff victory over the Knicks in 40 years. Nate McMillan’s team will now have to maintain the excellent momentum they are going through since they have five games without defeat since the end of the regular season. The rivals will have to face, especially now with the pressure of having the result against them playing at home. 

Betting line: 

Knicks: 49.7% (-130) – Points: 110.2 – Best O/U: u214-110 

Hawks: 50.3% (+120) – Points: 110.5 – Best O/U: o213½-110

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