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NFL Week 12 Preview and Free Pick

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The NFL’s emotions have been building with each round as the first 18 rounds draw to a close. Unlike recent weeks, NFL Thursday will feature three games instead of one. Sunday remains the day with the highest number of games and Monday remains the closing day when the last game of the round takes place at night.

Lions vs. Bills will be the opening game of week 12 of the NFL. On the same day, the Cowboys will host the Giants, while the Patriots will visit the Vikings on Thursday night.

Chiefs and Dolphins lead the American Football Conference (AFC), while the Eagles and Vikings lead the National Football Conference (NFC). We are going to analyze the main matches of round 12 below and you are our guest to understand better about these teams and know our prediction for these clashes.

NFL Week 12 – Cowboys vs. Giants – Betting Odds & Free Pick – Info


Thursday, November 24th at 04:30 pm ET at the AT&T Stadium

Moneyline odds: 

Cowboys -450

Giants +330

Where Can I Watch it?

NFL Network

The Cowboys come very motivated for this match against the Giants, as they beat the great Vikings team by a difference of 37 points. The Cowboys are second in the NFC East with 7 wins, trailing only the mighty Eagles, who have won 9 games this season.

While the hosts won against one of the best teams in the league, the Giants lost to the Lions, who, until recently, was one of the worst teams in the NFL. The confrontation between the teams also favors the Cowboys: in the last 20 games played between them, the Cowboys won 15 and lost only 5.

The favoritism of the home team is explained in these few words. The Cowboys’ latest games give their fans confidence. Our guess is for the Cowboys to win.

NFL Week 12 – Commanders vs. Falcons – Betting Odds & Free Pick – Info


Sunday, November 27th at 01 PM ET at the FedExField

Moneyline odds: 

Commanders -210

Falcons +169

Where Can I Watch it? 

NFL Network

The Commanders have won 4 of their last 5 games, but that’s still not enough to knock them out of last place in the NFC East Division. With those same 6 wins, the Commanders would be second in many other divisions as some clubs are ranked higher with 4 and 5 wins. The Eagles have 9 wins, while the Giants and Cowboys have won 7 games.

In the NFC South, the Falcons are in second place with 5 wins in 11 games. The history of matches favors the visiting team since the Falcons have won 7 of the last 11 games against the Commanders. The Atlanta team beat the Bears in the last round but won only two games of the last five played.

The Commanders are having a great time and, therefore, we believe they will win this match.

NFL Week 12 – Titans vs. Bengals – Betting Odds & Free Pick – Info


Sunday, November 27th at 01:00 pm ET at the Nissan Stadium

Moneyline odds: 

Titans +106

Bengals -130

Where Can I Watch it?

NFL Network

This will be a confrontation between teams with similar numbers of victories and defeats. While the Titans have won 7 and lost 3 to date, the Bengals have won 6 and lost 4.

Even playing at home, the Titans will not have an easy game ahead. The Bengals have won 4 of their last 5 games and are still trying to qualify in the AFC North. The history of confrontation between the teams also demonstrates this balance: in the last six games played between them, each team won three.

The Titans bounced back after their first two losses of the season and led the AFC South with 7 wins. The Tennessee team lost only one game in the last eight played.

Our guess is for the Titans to win.

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