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Jonathan Gonzalez vs. Shokichi Iwata – Result and Fight Analysis

Jonathan Gonzalez vs. Shokichi Iwata
Copa America 2024

This Tuesday Morning, literally a few hours ago, we witnessed the co-main event of the Saitama Super Arena, and what took place was a war on the ring. 

The fight featured Jonathan Gonzalez, in defense of his World Light Flyweight Title against Shokichi Iwata.

A dominant champion vs. a young and aggressive challenger, once things got to the boxing ring, we got a great show, and we are about to dive into the breakdown.

Boxing Roundup – Jonathan Gonzalez vs. Shokichi Iwata – Event Review and Fight Analysis

Jonathan Gonzalez vs. Shokichi Iwata 

Outcome: Jonathan Gonzalez Outpoints Shokichi Iwata, Defends WBO Junior Flyweight Title

A key second-half adjustment by Puerto Rico’s Gonzalez went a long way toward outpacing Tokyo’s Shokichi Iwata to defend his WBO junior flyweight title.

Gonzalez entered the ring as the defending titlist and by far the more experienced of the two. The Puerto Rican southpaw—who is promoted by All Star Boxing, Inc.—showed as much early in the fight, using every inch of the ring and getting Iwata to follow him around. Both boxers landed body shots, while Iwata found a home for his straight right hand.

Time was over in round two, as a clash of heads left Gonzalez dizzy and on the canvas. 

Iwata attempted a body shot, only for their foreheads to collide which forced Gonzalez to fall as he held his right eye. 

Referee Raul Caiz Jr. issued a hard warning to Iwata for the infraction.

With the actions running again, Gonzalez was landing right hooks and leaving Iwata on the canvas. However, in what was a clear push.

Iwata enjoyed his first truly dominant stretch of the fight in round four. 

Gonzalez was uncomfortable by the aggression of his younger foe, complaining of headbutts and elbows to the referee.

A similar pledge came as Iwata landed a right uppercut downstairs, with Gonzalez turning away and complaining of a low blow but waved off by Caiz Jr. as Iwata went on the attack.

Later, Gonzalez adapted and fought with aggression in round five, landing a combination midway through the frame

Iwata slowed down his attack, though he managed a stiff right hand to the body late in the round while fighting from the outside as the boxers briefly swapped roles.

Iwata settled down and offered a more disciplined attack at the bout’s midway point. 

Gonzalez continued to come forward after strictly boxing in the early rounds. 

He nearly paid the price, as Iwata timed the southpaw with a right hand along the ropes late in round six.

Gonzalez took control as the bout entered the second half. Iwata came forward but was getting caught with a lead left hand by Gonzalez, who went back to his more natural box and move style.

A game of cat-and-mouse worked in Gonzalez’s favor in the final three rounds. 

Iwata went on the hunt but abandoned his jab and sustained a body attack which allowed him to close the gap earlier in the contest. 

Gonzalez fought on the inside as needed, otherwise spending the final nine minutes effectively boxing on the outside and providing a moving target that Iwata couldn’t hit often enough to unseat the visiting titlist.

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