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Mairon Santos- Brazil’s Most Promising MMA Fighter

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Mairon Santos, born in Rio de Janeiro, is one of Brazil’s most promising fighters in the world of MMA. He began his professional MMA career in March 2019, and he is a fighter who is characterized by having an excellent moment when he is on foot. Santos never throws the same combination of punches twice in a row. He mixes up his moves with a  jab to the body, a kick to the leg, knee, or face. Santos has a particular fighting style, in which he is an unpredictable fighter and always has his opponents guessing which combination he is going to throw next.

Santos presents a record of 12 wins without defeat. In 2019, the year of his debut, Mairon won 10 matches in a row in 12 calendar months. Therefore, winning the Shooto Brasil featherweight belt, along with having one of the best knockouts of the year in 2020.

Mairon Santos vs Paulo Roberto Aquiles

This fight took place on February 20, 2021, in the Braga Pro – Showtime Fights 4. Santos came out aggressive from the moment the fight started. Santos was going for everything, while Paulo Roberto tried to defend himself with the different combinations of Santos’ movements. It was not until round 2 that Santos kneed Roberto in the face, knocking him to the canvas, and then with a combination of punches, finished him by technical knockout.

You can watch the fight between Mairon Santos vs Paulo Roberto at: 

Mairon Santos vs Baba Boundjou Nadjombe

Mairon Santos faced Baba Boundjou Nadjombe in ARES FC 1, on December 14, 2019. The fight was very even until the beginning of the last round, where Santos’ attacks could not be fully contained. At the end of the third and last round, the judges had no other choice but to give the victory by unanimous decision to Mairon Santos.

You can watch the fight between Mairon Santos vs. Baba Boundjou Nadjombe at:

Mairon Santos Vs. Nicolas Savio

On August 6, 2019, Mairon Santos faced Nicolas Savio at the Spartano’s Fight MMA 2. This was a very exciting fight, in which it could be observed at the moment, the deficiencies that Santos had when defending himself. More than once, Savio threw Santos to the canvas and was above him. However, the large number of connected punches and kicks and his extensive experience in Muay Thai led him to take the victory by unanimous decision.

You can watch the fight between Mairon Santos vs. Nicolas Savio at:

Mairon Santos vs Willian Telles

On this occasion, Mairon Santos faced Willian Telles in the Curitiba Top Fight 12. Santos came out overwhelming his opponent, connecting more than 90% of the blows and kicks thrown. Halfway through round 1, Santos landed several blows to Telles’ face and threw him to the canvas. Santos then threw himself on top of Telles and began hitting him repeatedly on the head. Mairon kneed the back of Telles and the referee automatically gave him the victory by technical knockout.

You can watch the fight between Mairon Santos vs Willian Telles at: 

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