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UFC Fight Night: Lewis vs. Nascimento Fight Card Odds and Picks

Last Updated on May 11, 2024 12:12 pm by Erwin Noguera

We have quite a fun fight night event coming our way as we take a trip to the Enterprise Center in St. Louis, Missouri, for our next fight card from the UFC, and we are getting a lot of KO artists coming up.

This event has 13 fights, and it will be headlined by heavyweights as Derrick Lewis and Rodrigo Nascimento clash to see who is likely to get a possible title shot in the future.

Our co-main event also has Joaquin Buckley facing Nursulton Ruziboev in the Welterweight Division, in a fight that could pretty much end up as a total barnburner.

With names like Alonzo Menifield, Carlos Ulberg, Mateusz Rebecki, Sean Woodson, Waldo Cortes-Acosta, and Robelis Despaigne on the main event, things are going to be quite interesting.

We also get seven prelims to kickstart the afternoon and make things as exciting as possible, with a lot of talented fighters trying to make their way up in the rankings.

You can check all the UFC/MMA bets, the analysis of each fighter, and the final bet you can make in these fights.

UFC Fight Night: Lewis vs. Nascimento Fight Card Odds and Picks – Info


Saturday, May 11th, at 4:00 pm ET

Moneyline odds

Derrick Lewis 1.66 / Roberto Nascimento 2.247

Joaquin Buckley 1.77 / Nursulton Ruziboev 2.05

Alonzo Menifield 3.15 / Carlos Ulberg 1.38

Diego Ferreira 4.01 / Mateusz Rębecki 1.26

Alex Caceres 2.62 / Sean Woodson 1.51 

Waldo Cortes-Acosta 2.849 / Robelis Despaigne 1.42

Chase Hooper 2.148 / Viacheslav Borshchev 1.686

Terrance McKinney 2.301 / Esteban Ribovics 1.61

Tabatha Ricci 1.72 / Tecia Torres 2.109

Trey Waters 1.61 / Billy Goff 2.292

Jake Hadley 1.68 / Charles Johnson 2.167

Jared Gooden 2.866 / Kevin Jousset 1.42

JJ Aldrich 1.99 / Veronica Hardy 1.79

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UFC Fight Night: Derrick Lewis vs. Roberto Nascimento

Why Bet on Derrick Lewis?

Lewis is coming off what was the most boring fight in the history of boring fights. We are of coursetalking about Jailton Almeida, it was a forgettable bout with nothing but Almeida controlling Lewis but not finishing him. 

Derrick Lewis has the striking advantage here, if you want to call what he does “striking”, as it is more swang and bang than anything else, and at the age of 39, we do think all he will ever have is swang and bang.

However, it does not take a lot for his opponents to figure out the best way to defeat him, and that’s to wrestle, Lewis has barely any wrestling skillset, and unless he has trained diligently with heavy wrestlers, we don’t think we’re going to ever see him succeed in that field. 

Why Bet on Roberto Nascimento?

Nascimento is a very well-rounded fighter who is coming off three straight wins against Mayes, Latifi, and Boser, and whilst those names certainly aren’t the most dangerous in the division, it still shows that he’s making his way up the rankings, and that’s a fairly easy thing to do considering the shallowness of the division, especially when it comes to facing unranked fighters. 

Roberto probably believes he has a straight and easy shot at taking Lewis down, but don’t forget that the latter stuffed 9 of 15 takedowns from Almeida, so it is likely that he has worked hard on takedown defense, and Nascimentoisn’t a heavy wrestler like Almeida, so we think we’re most likely going to see a classic Lewis fight, with him exploding from the ground and throwing heavy. 

Final Betting Analysis: Derrick Lewis vs. Roberto Nascimento

Lewis has confidence on the ground, despite his tendency to get out grappled, any moment that he has control, we get a Lewis that is chasing the finish through ground and pound, and we firmly believe we are going to see him either stuff takedowns to land heavy on the feet, or just counter that takedown with a devastating uppercut. 

This is Lewis’s bread and butter, and we are thinking that he is likely to give us an exciting highlight reel KO when he faces Nascimento.

UFC Fight Night: Joaquin Buckley vs. Nursulton Ruziboev

Why Bet on Joaquin Buckley?

Buckley recently had a very strong win against Vicente Luque, although it was a bit of a weird one, one that doesn’t sit quite right. Still, that first round showcased why we all love him. 

He is here to fight, he is here to knock people out, and he has the athleticism and explosiveness to do all of that. However, he is facing a bit of an unknown giant in Ruziboev and wecan’t help but wonder how he is going to handle the ridiculous height and reach advantage that the Uzbek has.

Buckley is extremely dangerous coming into this fight, he’s brimming with confidence, he’s fighting in front of his home town and he looks perfect for 170. He has faced some savage fighters before and has come out on top on a few occasions, so he shouldn’t be too underestimated here. 

Why Bet on Nursulton Ruziboev?

Ruziboev is a dangerous fighter, regardless of his questionable record, and whilst he might have had a controversial win over Dumas, his sheer size is going to present a few interesting challenges for his current opponent.

Being 6 foot 5 with a 77-inch reach is pretty damn fascinating, especially for 170. Ruziboev is cutting down from 185 to 170, and whilst he has made 170 before, he could be a lot more depleted compared to when he was at 185.

Ruziboev has a solid chance to win this one though, if he uses his clinch and knees to just collide with Buckley, but given that the former is still new to the UFC and there is not a lot of tape surrounding him, despite that record, we cannot tell how he is going to fight this weekend. He is, for the lack of a better term of a description, a relative unknown. 

Final Betting Analysis: Joaquin Buckley vs. Nursulton Ruziboev

Ruziboev’s height advantage gives him the ability to land kicks at longer ranges, potentially disrupting any aggressive rhythm that Buckley is going to use, but it’s not going to take much for the latter to explode into range and look to land those devastating boxing combinations. 

The other thing Ruziboev could do against Buckley is grapple, he does have 20 submissions under his belt and he has the length to ensure that he locks down his foe somewhat effectively on the ground. We mean, Buckley’s takedown defense isn’tincredible,it’s there for sure, but it can be worked around by superior wrestling and such. 

We expect Buckley’s experience in more competitive fights to shine here as he takes down Ruziboev before the judges get involved.

UFC Fight Night: Alonzo Menifield vs. Carlos Ulberg

Why Bet on Alonzo Menifield?

Menifield is coming off back-to-back wins against Crute and Jacoby, and it’s that Jacoby fight that best imitates what we could potentially see in this fight against Ulberg. 

Alonzo Menifield is a power puncher, that’s his main attraction as a fighter, he is otherworldly with his power and if he could knock down Jacoby, there’s little doubt that he can test the chin of Ulberg, although there are a few differences in styles between Ulberg and Jacoby which we would love to see Menifield try to have an answer for. 

Menifield is explosive and quick, especially early, but his attacks are very readable. Everything he throws has big actions behind them, there are no small, quick attacks, they’re all huge, and the only reason Jacoby got caught during that fight was due to the length in which Alonzo lunged into his strikes.

However, his technique is terrible. 

Why Bet on Carlos Ulberg?

Ulberg is on a good streak at the moment, but his winning run has been against relatively bad fighters, at least in comparison to his opponent. He is outstanding at the range, he starts a lot of his first rounds with beautifully timed leg kicks at range, and he has the footwork and speed to stay out of range for the most part. 

From his first loss to Nzechukwu to his most recent win against Da Un Jung, we have seen a complete transformation from a heavy finisher to someone who doesn’t rush as much, someone who takes his time and knows that every fight could go three rounds, so he knows to pace himself. 

Final Betting Analysis: Alonzo Menifield vs. Carlos Ulberg 

The power in Menifield’s hands is going to be massively dangerous to Ulberg because it has been quite some time since Ulberg has faced someone who has that kind of KO capabilities, as well as some semblance of technique.

We have a firm belief that speed and athleticism will be all on Ulberg’s side here, but the question is if his defensive network will be enough to avoid or mitigate the damage of Menifield’sridiculously heavy punches.

Ulbergs defensive footwork is going to be imperative in this fight because Menifield does not throw a lot of combinations, they’re all singular, powerful, fight-ending punches andwhilstthat’s awesome to watch, it’s not going to be too effective in the long run against someone like Carlos.

Expect Ulberg to get a clear decision if he can avoid the power shots.

UFC Fight Night: Diego Ferreira vs. Mateusz Rębecki

Why Bet on Diego Ferreira?

Diego Ferreira has serious knockout power, as he displayed last May when he knocked out Johnson with a devastating overhand right. Ferreira is a dangerous opponent to deal with on the feet, but most importantly, he’svery good on the ground, albeit by the looks of his style, he’s better on his opponent’s back than anywhere else, and wejustdon’t think Rebecki is going to let Ferreira anywhere near the back control. 

Ferreira’s three consecutive losses before that win against Johnson are important to look at because all of those opponents he lost to had a very similar game plan and style to Rebecki, they wrestle and wrestle exceptionally well. 

His best chance would be on the feet, using his heavy attacks to just damage or stint the wrestling aggression of Rebecki, but on the flip side, Ferreira can be too overzealous with the striking and leave him open for takedowns, and all it would take it one takedown for Ferreira to be stuck on the ground for the remainder of the round.

Why Bet on Mateusz Rębecki?

Rebecca is a glorious addition to the Lightweight division, and boy has he run through his competition, winning all three of his fights, inthree different ways, a decision, a KO, and a submission. 

The most important thing about all of those three methods he won, is they all came from groundwork, that’s his bread and butter, he wants nothing more than to push forward like a wrecking ball and get the fight to the ground, and given that Ferreira is more of a grappler than wrestler, he is going to simply accept that takedown because it leads right into the skill set of Ferreira. 

There have been countless times where a wrestler has dominated on the ground against a BJJ specialist, Tsarukyan/Oliveira is the last one that is still somewhat relevant, and wecan’t help but see a similar situation this weekend when Rebecki takes on Ferreira. 

There is a big size difference here but we think that falls in the favour of Rebecki even more, sure, he will probably eat a lot of knees or kicks, but as long as Rebecki gets into a clinch position against Ferreira, it’s effectively over for the latter.

Final Betting Analysis: Diego Ferreira vs. Mateusz Rębecki 

We honestlydon’t see this fight going any differently from Ferreira’s most recent losses anddon’t know how much he has improved with his takedown defense.

Ferreira’s one-dimensional skillset is going to be enough to deal with Rebecki, and even though there is a solid chance that he could attack the guillotine more or at least pull guard to at least have some semblance of control with a raging Polish fighter on top of him, we justdon’t think he has the tools to defeat Rebecki.

UFC Fight Night: Alex Caceres vs. Sean Woodson

Why Bet on Alex Caceres?

Caceres is coming off a tough loss against Giga Chikadze, and it was a fairly competitive fight for the most part, with Caceres showing off his classic light footwork and unorthodox attacks. 

This is the foundation of his style, he likes to almost dance in his fights, everything he throws comes from many different looks and setups, often feinting with practically every part of his body, his primary goal when it comes to striking is to overwhelm the mind before inflicting damage physically, and he is outstanding at doing that. 

In terms of grappling, Caceres doesn’t exactly grapple that much, but he can be a bit difficult to deal with on the ground as he does know how to lock in submissions, but he mostly prefers to keep the fight standing where he can switch stance and blitz with incredible speed.

Why Bet on Sean Woodson?

Woodson has one main unique advantage in this fight, he is much taller and longer than Caceres which not only compliments his style of absolute cleanliness and accuracy but also gives him an effective additional reaction time to deal with his opponent’s blitzes and entrances to the pocket.

Woodson is a phenomenal boxer who has dangerous fundamentals that he has mastered, he is so damn slick at distance, and if he is a little bit aggressive in this fight, he is going to most likely shut down the offensive capabilities of Caceres. 

Final Betting Analysis: Alex Caceres vs. Sean Woodson 

The trick to dealing with Caceres is to never let him be first, if you shut down his offensive attacks, you get a rather timid or not as dangerous Caceres who is more reactionary than someone who flows, and this is most likely going to be Woodson’s gameplan coming into this fight considering how well he marches down his opponent. 

Woodson is going to try and keep this a clean fight, stay out of dangerous situations, and just use his long attacks at range to slowly chip at Caceres.

Caceres could certainly make this a very interesting fight, but Woodson is so damn clean and accurate on the feet that our token is easily placed on him.

UFC Fight Night: Waldo Cortes-Acosta vs. Robelis Despaigne

Why Bet on Waldo Cortes-Acosta?

Cortes-Acosta is coming off back-to-back wins against Arlovski and Brzeski, and whilst he may seem like a dangerous opponent for Despaigne, we do think Cortes-Acosta needs a whole style change at this rate.

Waldo is a powerful striker who has serious knockout power, but our concern when it comes to him is his somewhat inability to make the fight dangerous, heisn’texactly marching down his opponents throwing heavy attacks, and looking for a knockout as you would expect a heavyweight to typically do. 

He is a lot more placated with just touching up his opponent slowly, not urgently throwing everything into his attacks, and this could be a dangerous style to utilize if you’re facing someone who is as anomalous as Despaigne. 

Cortes-Acosta has a very quickjab,it’s deceptively fast and very accurate, and he could counter any kick that Despaigne throws with that quick jab or more possibly, his thunderous right hand, his right hand is his main attack, he wants to go for it and land it over and over, and since Despaigne is primarily a kicker, we do think that Cortes-Acosta has a very solid chance on the feet as long as he is the aggressor.

Why Bet on Robelis Despaigne?

Despaigne is a massive Heavyweight, he is gigantic for the division andhe carries the athleticism of a Taekwondo fighter, which typically means light on the feet and quick with the kicks, and that’s all he is. 

Sure, you could say he punches a fair bit, but that’sonly because he can and his opponents have never been able to have an answer for it because the fight ends quickly. 

We do think his striking defense is going tobe exploited one day, and whilst it might not be by Cortes-Acosta, it certainly will be the more he climbs the ranks.

Final Betting Analysis: Waldo Cortes-Acosta vs. Robelis Despaigne 

We don’t see it hitting the second round, and if it does, it’s due to Cortes-Acosta’s unwillingness to fight and try to put Despaigne away.

Despaigne isn’t going to be holding back like his opponent usually does, and that means that he will be looking to finish this one as fast as usual, so we have to get on his hype train for this one, just because Cortes-Acosta taking his time more often than not.

UFC Fight Night: Chase Hooper vs. Viacheslav Borshchev

Why Bet on Chase Hooper?

Hooper is seemingly the polar opposite of Borshchev, he’s a pure submission specialist, he’s not a kickboxer, andhe wants absolutely nothing more than to drag his opponents down to the ground and climb around to get into a submission position. That’s his game, that’s his whole deal. 

However, Hooper is not a wrestler, he is someone who knows how to wrestle, there is a very fine difference there, and we want to point this out because there will be people trying to compare the takedowns of Sadykhov to the takedowns and wrestling of Hooper, there is a severe difference. 

Still, any exchange on the ground will all be in Hooper’s favor, as long as the fight goes to the ground, he has a very solid chance to win, he’s like Mackenzie Dern, not quite great on the feet, but outstanding on the ground. 

Why Bet on Viacheslav Borshchev?

Borshchev is a dangerous kickboxer who is stupendously good on the feet, he rocked and socked Sadykhov during their fight, it was a brilliant display of kickboxing, but the main thing to point out regarding Borshchev is his ability to continuously work out of negative positions on the ground.

Borshchev is constantly looking for butterfly hooks, looking for activity in the guard, shrimping out of danger, and overall looking good at trying to get back to the feet.

This is dangerous thoughas the moment Hooper has his hooks into his opponent, he simply glides around them. The trick here for Borshchev is to not let Hooper collide with him,and don’t let any clinch situations happen. He needs to get into the pocket, land a few punches, then circle the hell away. 

Final Betting Analysis: Chase Hooper vs. Viacheslav Borshchev 

Hooper’s grappling skillset is greatconsidering how much Borshchev gets taken down in his fights, and assuming that he will get taken down this weekend by Hooper and submitted could be a fair assessment.

We do think that Hooper can maybe drag Borshchev down via a body lock, but we also think that the latter is too quick on the feet to fall for that, he is quick to dig under hooks these days and can power away from positions. 

This fight pits a grappler with not-so-great striking versus a kickboxer with the bare minimum to non-existent grappling. Whenever I try to picture this fight going down in my head, I either see an RNC with Borshchev tapping out in the first or second round, or Borshchev rocking Hooper early and maybe finishing with some ground and pound.

We are placing our betting token on Borshchev to take the win here.

UFC Fight Night: Terrance McKinney vs. Esteban Ribovics

Why Bet on Terrance McKinney?

 McKinney is coming off back-to-back first-round finishes against, surprise surprise, no-name fighters in Breeden and Barotte. This is basically what McKinney tends to do well, he has quick finishes against some not-quite-great fighters, then as soon as he fights someone who is at least talented, and the fight hits the second round, all of McKinney’s skillset falls out the window. 

Now, McKinney is a phenomenal first-round fighter. He thrives in that round, he is explosive, fast, able to string together very solid combinations, and when needed, wrestle to his heart’s content, however, by some form of mythic curse, once the second round occurs, he dwindles fast and that’s when the tides turn. 

McKinney should always be a fighter you bet on to finish in the first round because it could happen. We think he can make Ribovics second guess himself early, overwhelm him, and whilst not finishing him, at least deal a significant amount of damage. 

Why Bet on Esteban Ribovics?

Ribovics is a visceral fighter who is coming off one hell of a fight against Kirk. He looked incredible during that fight, his boxing was very solid, his aggression was ridiculous and he seemed to thrive in that chaotic environment. 

Ribovics needs to survive the first round, that’s all he needs to do to win this clash right here. He has much more crisper boxing than McKinney, and the cardio and pace to run through him as well. 

Ribovics loves to use the standard straight combos or a one-two-one high right roundhouse, and we think as long as he strings those combinations together after the first round against McKinney, then he should be able to land some potentially fight-ending shots.

Final Betting Analysis: Terrance McKinney vs. Esteban Ribovics

The problem in this fight is Ribovics being too overzealous in the first round, as we have seen him get controlled by Kirk during their fight, and whilst we don’t think McKinney is a better submission artist than Kirk, it is still a precarious position to be in, especially when Terrance locks in a triangle and chases that RNC. 

This fight is not going the distance, if you want to place individual bets on each fighter, either McKinney R1 KO or Ribovics KO R2 or 3, that’s about as basic as we can put it, but our betting pick is actually on Ribovics to survive the first and find his finish later. 

UFC Fight Night: Tabatha Ricci vs. Tecia Torres

Why Bet on Tabatha Ricci?

Ricci is coming off a very tough loss against Godinez, and despite the “L” on her record, it was a highly competitive bout in which both fighters effectively countered each other wrestling and most of the fight took place on the feet, with Godinez edging out the scorecards due to volume and effectiveness of striking. 

Now, the clearest way for Ricci to win this fight is to take it to the ground, she needs to rely on her guns in this one otherwise she could be potentially overwhelmed on the feet by a fighter who is very well known for doing exactly that. 

Ricci has been a fairly dangerous fighter for anyone, even for very high-level grapplers like Gillian Robertson, and we just think that Torres is going to be facing serious challenges in the wrestling and grappling departments.

Why Bet on Tecia Torres?

Torres is coming into this fight with one main question surrounding her. How active has she been with training considering her status as a mother? 

She is currently right back into a tough fight against a very good BJJ and Judo specialist. If Torres has been working on her skillset and doing all that training during those vital moments as a new parent, then we are going to see the very same fiery Tecia that we all love to see.

However, we are genuinely curious to see if her takedown defense has improved substantially because her takedown defense before this time away wasn’t too great, and Ricci is great at getting the fight to the ground. 

Torres is very physically strong, she can probably power her way out of bad positions, but how many times can she power out of positions before her cardio gets sapped is the question to ask here.

Final Betting Analysis: Tabatha Ricci vs. Tecia Torres 

This is ultimately a fight between a grappler versus a striker, and depending on where the fight goes, and who initiates and maintains their game plan better.

Additionally, for Ricci, we do think her takedown and trip arsenal is going to be problematic for Torres which makes this one of the highlight fights for this event.This is most likely going the distance, and if it does, we expect Tabatha Ricci to edge out the victory due to the takedowns shifting the pace to her favor.

UFC Fight Night: Trey Waters vs. Billy Goff

Why Bet on Trey Waters?

Waters comes from quite a competitive fight against Quinlan in which he used his reach advantage to slowly tear apart his opponent. He is outstanding at countering as well as being offensive with his long attacks, and there is little doubt in our mind that Waters is going to look incredible at range.

The range is his best friend when it comes to fighting, hedoesn’t play around in the pocket a lot, it would be a bit silly to do that, and that’s what Quinlan tried to do during their fight, he tried to enter the pocket but Waters was just too quick and light on his feet. 

Waters also tends to have his left foot turned inwards, and for someone who has a heavy reliance on standing his ground to pop his shots off, that left leg will be very, very open to leg kicks.

Why Bet on Billy Goff?

Goff is coming off a very quick KO win against Kinoshita, a highly dangerous, first-round finisher, and to stand toe to toe. Goff gets hit a lot, andhis defenses aren’t exactly great, especially when coming up against a dangerous ranged fighter, but he throws volume. 

What Goff does well, which could trouble Waters’ ability to track and fire at him with his jabs and crosses, is the head movement, he is so erratic with his movement and angles, and whilst he indeed gets caught a lot of times when he fights, we do think that the former is capable of overwhelming and catching the latter in the pocket. 

We only say this because Waters’ defense is his offense, and if you can get past all of those long-ranged attacks, you can land some substantial damage, and that’sexactly what Goff can produce.

Final Betting Analysis: Trey Waters vs. Billy Goff 

The slower this fight is, the better it is for Waters because there is only so much you can back up until your back is against the wall. It will be imperative for Goff to blitz quickly, use his speed and explosiveness to enter the pocket, and land his punches, that is his only way to win this fight, there is very much no other way we can see Billy win this fight. 

This is going to be chaos, and we would be genuinely surprised if this goes to the judges here, this has “finish” written all over it. But we expect Goff to get in the pocket and land the shots he needs to finish the fight then and there.

UFC Fight Night: Jake Hadley vs. Charles Johnson

Why Bet on Jake Hadley?

Hadley enters this fight after a tough loss against Cody Durden in which he was pretty much outwrestled for three rounds. Hadley is someone who thrives on the feet, the more violent, the better, he wants to land his quick punches and deal a lot of significant damage, and he could certainly overwhelm his foe on the feet in this fight. 

However, he does have a bit of a fallback plan andthat’s to grapple, although we don’t think that’s going to be necessary since both Johnson and Hadley are comfortable fighting on their feet. 

Why Bet on Charles Johnson?

Charles Johnson has always been a bit difficult to predict due to his ability to mix it up well on the feet and to adapt extremely well to his opponents’ style.

He adapts to everything his opponent does, which usually results in him losing that first round because he is getting both a feel for his opponent and their gameplan, as well as some expert corner advice which Johnson uses as a catalyst for improvement throughout the fight. 

You can say he still loses a lot of his fights, but we feel like this is his first fight in which he isn’t facing a heavy wrestler, so he has a bit more of a chance to showcase his striking.

Now, we do have to note that Johnson has a bit of a problem with pressure, he succumbs to it a bit too easily. 

Final Betting Analysis: Jake Hadley vs. Charles Johnson 

In terms of technique, we think Hadley has the advantage here, he seems to think through his attacks before launching them, andeverything is seemingly well-timed and placed, whereas with Johnson, he tends to freestyle it a bit, and even though he is very quick and hard to read, it seems a bit messy and almost chaotic.

Hadley’s grappling is only going to be prevalent if Johnson leaves openings, and considering how many times Johnson has been taken down during his UFC career, there will be moments where Hadley sees the openings and attempts a takedown.

We think this is going to be a tough night for Hadley, but he will make it through and get the win.

UFC Fight Night: Jared Gooden vs. Kevin Jousset

Why Bet on Jared Gooden?

Jared Gooden comes from a strong submission win against Wellington Turman, and whilst he faced some adversity on the feet, that submission was pretty damn slick. 

Gooden carries a lot of power in his hands, but the problem is his stance, which leaves him open for very quick strikes andthat’s something to watch out for in this fight.

Jared might have gotten a submission in his last fight, but he is by no means a submission artist, he is mainly a knockout-seeking fighter who has a heavy reliance on his hands, and he has power but not speed, so things may be a little hard for him here.

Why Bet on Kevin Jousset?

Jousset is only two fights deep into his UFC career, but so far he has been very impressive, with a recent win against Song Kenan. We see him being an interesting addition to the roster. 

We think the style that Jousset will employ during this fight is stick and move. Disrupt any rhythm or pattern that Gooden is trying to set and frustrate him. 

Jousset is not someone who loves violence, he is very tactical on the outside, feinting a lot and throwing a lot of leg kicks at a fairly defensive range, allowing him to glide out of the way, but we do notice that he sometimes does tend to get hit. He doesn’t circle away as much as he should. 

This could be from training alongside violent fighters like Dan Hooker who is known to not be defensive and stand his ground, but wedon’t think it’s a smart idea for Jousset to just accept the punches coming his way. Avoidance is key here and we have to hope it’s drilled by his camp.

Final Betting Analysis: Jared Gooden vs. Kevin Jousset 

Joussetcomes from City Kickboxing, a team typically recognized for their brilliant fighters althoughthey’ve been a touch silent since Adesanya is no longer a champ. 

We bring this up simply because they recognize what their opponents do well and do badly, and considering that Gooden won his last fight simply by the luck that Wellington would swing back wildly, we can see them ensuring that Jousset does not get into that position.

Jousset is going to tear the legs of Gooden apart in the first round, then employ his boxing, primarily his jab cross, in the second and third. He does this a lot, slowing down his opponents with the leg kicks, it seemingly is a City Kickboxing signature, amongst other things he does. 

We don’t see Gooden getting close enough to land his power shot, so we expect a disciplined fight for Jousset to win here.

UFC Fight Night: JJ Aldrich vs. Veronica Hardy

Why Bet on JJ Aldrich?

Aldrich is coming off two great wins against Montana De La Rosa and Na Liang and is looking to continue that streak this weekend against Hardy.

When it comes to her skillset, she’s a relatively well-rounded fighter whose forte is on wrestling over striking, and it shows, as her footwork is very clunky but that is mostly due to the way she throws punches, it’s always power and short bursts of action. 

Aldrich still has major openings in the defensive aspects of her striking, and she has a major tendency to close her eyes a lot when something is coming her way, which makes her both susceptible to punches and easy to push back toward the cage.

Why Bet on Veronica Hardy?

Hardy looks like the much more active-style fighter, always using a lot of lateral movement and quick footwork to find angles and lure out an attack from her opponent, which she usually counters fairly well. 

Hardy has had a bit of a good return to the UFC, with wins over Horth and Miller, and she is going to have a very obvious speed advantage in this fight, with us fully expecting her to dance circles around her opponent. 

Final Betting Analysis: JJ Aldrich vs. Veronica Hardy 

We have a feeling that Hardy is going to look to wrestle in this fight, just to catch Aldrich off guard only because Aldrich herself doesn’t have a great wrestling base. It’s probably her best asset, but she doesn’t have that takedown defense that counteracts a better wrestler, and in this case, Hardy doesn’t need to be the better wrestler, only the better Mixed Martial Artist. 

Aldrich is the perfect opponent to see if Hardy is ready for the proper fighters of the Flyweight division. 

This could go either way, Aldrich is a solid underdog to take, but we justdon’t trust her a lot to make this fight as interesting as Hardy does.

Lewis vs. Nascimento Betting Pick: Derrick Lewis

Buckley vs. Ruziboev Betting Pick: Joaquin Buckley

Menifield vs. Ulberg Betting Pick: Carlos Ulberg

Ferreira vs. Rębecki Betting Pick: Mateusz Rebecki

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Waters vs. Goff Betting Pick: Billy Goff

Hadley vs. Johnson Betting Pick: Jake Hadley

Gooden vs. Jousset Betting Pick: Kevin Jousset

Aldrich vs. Hardy Betting Pick: Veronica Hardy

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