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4 melhores lutas de Alejandro “El Gallito” Flores

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< wpimage aligncenterid5057sizeSluglargelinkDestinationnone > <div class="wp" block image><figure class="aligncenter" size large><img src="httpswwwgambylcomwp" contentuploads202103floresjpeg alt= "classe=wp" image 5057><figure><div> &lt;wpimage&gt; &lt;wpparagraph&gt; <p>In the world of MMA and especially in Mexico Alejandro Flores is known as El Gallito an MMA legend He began his career in the world of contact sports when he was very young As a child he practiced disciplines such as taekwondo and kickboxing After competing in different local competitions in Monterrey and other Mexican cities he managed to obtain a contract with the company and promoter of his city <em>Combate Extremo<em> He then became part of <em>Combate Américas<em> where he had an almost perfect record in which he obtained 6 victories in 7 disputed fights<p> &lt;wpparagraph&gt; &lt;wpparagraph&gt; <p><strong>Fight Alejandro El Gallito Flores vs Marco Antonio Elpidio<strong><p> &lt;wpparagraph&gt; &lt;wpparagraph&gt; <p>The native of Monterrey that is Flores fought at home with everything in his favor and did not disappoint He gave a real recital to defeat Marco Antonio Elpidio by a unanimous decision in 3 rounds with a triple result 30 27 Elpidio famously known as The Rock lived up to his nickname by resisting the fight before it was finished El Gallito commanded the fight from the beginning he imposed a very offensive rhythm and weakened Elpidio working him with both his arms and legs<p> &lt;wpparagraph&gt; &lt;wpparagraph&gt; <p><strong>Fight Alejandro El Gallito Flores vs John Bedoya<strong><p> &lt;wpparagraph&gt; &lt;wpparagraph&gt; <p>Another top fight for El Gallito was against the Colombian fighter John Bedoya From the beginning of the fight El Gallito went running over Bedoya Blow after blow and kick after kick it was an authentic massacre that ended at minute 303 of the first round itself when Flores applied a <em>Darce Choke<em> to Bedoya and ended the fight by submission Its a fight to remember as El Gallito finished his opponent in such a short time<p> &lt;wpparagraph&gt; &lt;wpparagraph&gt; <p><strong>Fight Alejandro El Gallito Flores vs Pablo Villaseca<strong><p> &lt;wpparagraph&gt; &lt;wpparagraph&gt; <p>On December 7 2018 El Gallito Flores and Chilean Pablo Villaseca met for the semifinals of the <em>Combate Americas tournament Combate Cup 2018 <em>in California In this fight Flores started an aggressive and somewhat mocking fight Throughout the combat every time Flores dodged a blow or a kick he did so with a touch of grace He maintained a strong offensive pace throughout the fight which ended in 3 rounds This earned him a unanimous decision victory with scores of 30 27 30 27 and 29 28 Every time El Gallito gets into an octagon were sure that itll be a very offensive and above all very aggressive combat<p> &lt;wpparagraph&gt; &lt;wpparagraph&gt; <p><strong>Fight Alejandro El Gallito Flores vs Levy Saul Marroquín<strong><p> &lt;wpparagraph&gt; &lt;wpparagraph&gt; <p>Last but not least Alejandro Flores got into the octagon on April 12 2019 to face his partner friend and fellow countryman Levy Saul Marroquin With both fighters being from Monterrey the stadium was full and they had a clear division The combat was full of many emotions punches and kicks came and went and it was an even fight where either of them could have won In one round El Gallito was in full confidence and was on top of Marroquín in another round things changed But the judges agreed that Flores performance was phenomenal and gave him the victory unanimously with a triple score of 30 27<p> &lt;wpparagraph&gt; &lt;wpparagraph&gt; <p> You can watch Alejandro El Gallito Flores best moments at <p> &lt;wpparagraph&gt; < wpembed urlhttpswwwyoutubecomwatchv=v8 gFFlaQKQu0026ab channel=CombateAmericastypevideoproviderNameSlugyoutuberesponsivetrueclassNamewp embed aspect 16 9 wp has aspect ratio > <figure class="wp" block embed is type video provider youtube wp aspect 16 9 has ratio><div class="wp" block embed wrapper> httpswwwyoutubecomwatchv=v8 gFFlaQKQab channel=CombateAmericas <div><figure> &lt; wpembed &gt;

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