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UFC Fight Night: Tuivasa vs. Tybura Fight Card Odds and Picks

Copa America 2024

We had an exciting numbered event last weekend, and now, we are doing a trip back to the UFC Apex in Las Vegas, Nevada, for a banger of a main event in this Fight Night.

This card has 13 clashes, but the main one is remarkable, as we are getting a top-level heavyweight clash between Tai “Bam Bam” Tuivasa, and Marcin “Tybur” Tybura.

Besides a possible all-time classic to close the night, the co-main event of the card is a welterweight battle between Bryan Battle and Ange Loosa, and we also have other strong names like Ovince St. Preux, Christian Rodriguez, and Brian Barberena in the main card to keep things exciting.

There are also a lot of up-and-coming fighters in this card, so it will be an exciting time to catch on the new wave of talent looking to make their name known in the UFC.

With six Main card fights and seven Prelim fights, this is one exciting event to watch as we look forward to the UFC 300 coming up soon; and we are eager for it to go down this Saturday.

You can check all the UFC/MMA bets, the analysis of each fighter, and the final bet you can make in these fights.

UFC Fight Night: Tuivasa vs. Tybura Fight Card Odds and Picks – Info


Saturday, March 16th, at 4:00 pm ET

Moneyline odds

Tai Tuivasa 1.81 / 2 Marcin Tybura

Bryan Battle 1.384 / 3.025 Ange Loosa

Kennedy Nzechukwu 1.179 / 4.95 Ovince St. Preux

Christian Rodriguez 2.64 / 1.51 Isaac Dulgarian

Pannie Kianzad 2.803 / 1.454 Macy Chiasson

Gerald Meerschaert 1.43 / 2.992 Bryan Barberena

Mike Davis 1.27 / 3.73 Natan Levy

Josiane Nunes 1.62 / 2.273 Chelsea Chandler

Ode Osbourne 2.364 / 1.58 Jafel Filho

Thiago Moisés 1.261 / 3.805 Mitch Ramirez

Josh Culibao 1.62 / 2.276 Danny Silva

Cory McKenna 1.72 / 2.09 Jaqueline Amorim

Chad Anheliger 2.185 / 1.67 Charalampos Grigoriou

Where can I watch it?

UFC Fight Pass

UFC Fight Night: Tai Tuivasa vs. Marcin Tybura

Why Bet on Tai Tuivasa?

When Tuivasa was signed by the UFC in 2017, he was an undefeated prospect who had won his first seven fights in his professional MMA career. He quickly racked up three successive wins in the promotion by beating Rashad Coulter, Cyril Asker, and Andrei Arlovksi.

Following his mini three-fight win streak, he suffered three straight losses, but quickly bounced back by stringing up five consecutive victories inside the Octagon. This impressive stretch earned him the opportunity to win the UFC interim heavyweight title in September 2022.

However, Tuivasa was knocked out by Ciryl Gane in their title clash, and since then, he hasn’t won a fight after receiving two more losses courtesy of Sergei Pavlovich and Alexander Volkov.

Why Bet on Marcin Tybura?

Before he joined the UFC in 2016, Tybura was a former M-1 Challenge heavyweight champion with 13 wins and only one defeat in his pro record. He was rudely welcomed to the promotion by Tim Johnson, who unanimously beat him during his debut in April 2016.

After that forgettable first fight inside the Octagon, Tybura won 11 of his 17 fights and scored notable victories over the likes of Luis Henrique, Arlovski, Serghei Spivac, Greg Hardy, Alexander Romanov, and Ben Rothwell to earn his spot in the top ten of the division.

Tai Tuivasa vs. Marcin Tybura Final Betting Analysis:

Tuivasa will have the edge in youth being eight years younger than Tybura. Both have a solid striking base for fighting, with the former having a punch-focused fighting style and the latter a complete MMA approach. 

In the grappling department, Tybura has the advantage, but although he has a massive upper hand in grappling, Tuivasa’s takedown defense should be enough for him to stop the takedown attempts and keep the fight on his feet.

Furthermore, Tybura has a bad history against power punchers, and we think Tuivasa can land a clean hit that could send him to another dimension.

The former UFC interim title challenger must still be careful with any submission attempts and maneuvers that Tybura could attempt during the match because he also has a poor record against fighters with decent grappling. Thus, he is coming off a submission loss from Volkov.

UFC Fight Night: Bryan Battle vs. Ange Loosa

Why Bet on Bryan Battle?

The battle has consistently exceeded expectations in his UFC career. Nobody expected him to win The Ultimate Fighter (TUF), and we don’t think many believed he would start his UFC career by winning five of six with four finishes. His kickboxing has grown considerably, complimenting his jiu-jitsu nicely. 

Why Bet on Ange Loosa?

Loosa has proven himself a well-rounded talent as well. He’s a quality kickboxer who can work at a great rate, and his wrestling has carried from the regional to the UFC level quite well.

Bryan Battle vs. Ange Loosa Final Betting Analysis:

We expect a competitive fight here. On the feet, Loosa is the more consistent striker, more likely to win the volume game. At the same time, he’s a bit more hittable, and Battle seems to have that opportunistic ability to land significant shots suddenly that change the fight.

The bigger question to me is the wrestling. The battle was soundly grounded by Rinat Fakhretdinov, who admittedly is good and more physical than Loosa. At the same time, continuous takedowns could be a path to victory for “The Last Ninja.”

However, It doesn’t sound easy. The battle is a big Welterweight with crafty grappling and range strikes, so staying safe for three rounds of grinding sounds like a tall ask. At some point on the floor or the feet, Battle should find his opportunities to turn the tide back in his favor.

UFC Fight Night: Kennedy Nzechukwu vs. Ovince St. Preux

Why Bet on Kennedy Nzechukwu?

Nzechukwu is a bit confusing. He put together a solid three-fight win streak by relying on durability, power, and volume to overwhelm fatigued opposition, but his chin suddenly failed him against Dustin Jacoby last time out. Still, he generally seems to be on the right path to becoming a ranked fighter.

Why Bet on Ovince St. Preux?

Saint Preux is a veteran’s veteran, a man who fought for the interim title EIGHT years ago. However, “OSP” has never been the most consistent fighter. He’s got an odd game filled with funky submissions and unusual — but very powerful — strike setups. Sometimes, he wins big, and other times, his lack of process hurts him.

Kennedy Nzechukwu vs. Ovince St. Preux Final Betting Analysis:

We’ve never been a huge believer in Saint Preux. His fundamental game is just lacking. He wins fights by being a big Light Heavyweight with incredible natural athleticism, but at his age, the latter gifts are fading. He’s not as fast nor as powerful, though we still wouldn’t recommend letting him land too many punches.

Nzechukwu is nearly a decade younger, pretty strong, and tough himself. “OSP” could make things interesting by wrestling and trying to make use of his genuinely excellent submission game, but that feels unlikely and tiring. The better odds have these two trading power shots until someone falls.

UFC Fight Night: Christian Rodriguez vs. Isaac Dulgarian

Why Bet on Christian Rodriguez?

Despite being just 26, Rodriguez is building a reputation for handing hyped prospects their first professional defeat. For his age, he’s a very composed and technical fighter, able to strike very fluidly and wrestle at a high level. Unfortunately, he’s also developed a reputation for missing weight, forcing this Featherweight to move.

Why Bet on Isaac Dulgarian?

On the other hand, Dulgarian has yet to be tested inside the cage. He’s finished all his opponents in the first round, bowling them over with a mix of power, physicality, and wrestling dominance. Given that his opponent was recently a Bantamweight, that sounds like a viable strategy.

Christian Rodriguez vs. Isaac Dulgarian Final Betting Analysis:

Still, there are way too many unknowns about Dulgarian. We have no idea what he looks like in anything resembling a technical striking match or even a second round. He’s been too dominant, and except for Marshall, the competition level has been fairly low. It’s a great sign that he blew through so many opponents, but that type of streak doesn’t last forever.

More to the point, Rodriguez has proven himself capable of weathering an early storm and then capitalizing as his foe slows down to more human levels. His weight misses are costing him here because otherwise, his current win streak would have earned him greater than a UFC sophomore.

Rodriguez coughs up the first before coming on strong in rounds two and three.

UFC Fight Night: Pannie Kianzad vs. Macy Chiasson

Why Bet on Pannie Kianzad?

Kianzad is a slugger. She likes to march into the pocket and throw punches-in-bunches, working at a solid rate with shots that can hurt her opposition. 

Why Bet on Macy Chiasson?

Chiasson is a bit more of a kicks and clinch attacker. She’s a large athlete at 135 pounds — which is why the weight cut is such a question — and she uses those physical gifts to blast long-range strikes and/or manhandle her foes in close quarters.

Pannie Kianzad vs. Macy Chiasson Final Betting Analysis:

We´re a bit torn here. On one hand, we don’t think all Chiasson can reliably make weight, and cutting too much before fighting a high-volume foe is a recipe for disaster. Plus, Kianzad is simply better in the pocket anyway.

On the other, Chiasson was beating Irene Aldana before that funky upkick-to-the-body knockout. Her wrestling is looking better, and Kianzad is historically vulnerable to that style. Add in Chiasson’s size advantage, and a grinding wrestling match seems like it would work smoothly for her.

Takedowns win the day.

UFC Fight Night: Gerald Meerschaert vs. Bryan Barberena

Why Bet on Gerald Meerschaert?

Meerschaert has been around the block, and we know what he brings to the table. The Southpaw has a nasty left kick and solid left hand, but he does his best work on the canvas, particularly when able to gain top position. 

He has won 27 fights via tapout, and that will surely be his game plan here.

Why Bet on Bryan Barberena?

Barberena fits the classic mold of a “technical brawler.” He knows how to score well and keep himself (reasonably) safe in the chaos, and he subsequently comes out on top in wars of attrition more often than not.

Gerald Meerschaert vs. Bryan Barberena Final Betting Analysis:

Here’s the problem with this fight: We don’t think Bryan Barberena cares much anymore. We’re sure he’ll still try his best in the cage, but there is absolutely zero reason he should be at Middleweight. 

He wasn’t that huge or that shredded at 170 pounds. At Middleweight, he’s significantly smaller than his opposition, and that isn’t going to help with his historically okay takedown defense.

Submission No. 28, coming right up.

UFC Fight Night: Mike Davis vs. Natan Levy

Why Bet on Mike Davis?

Less than one year after falling to Sodiq Yusuff on Contender Series, Mike Davis stepped up on short notice to battle Gilbert Burns in the Octagon, only to suffer a second-round submission loss to “Durinho”. 

He has since amassed three wins in the past five years, the most recent of them a decision over Viacheslav Borshchev in Oct. 2022.

Seven of his eight professional finishes have come via knockout.

Why Bet on Natan Levy?

Natan Levy capped off a perfect professional start by dominating Shaheen Santana in the Contender Series to earn a UFC contract. Though “Lethal” fell to Rafa Garcia in his Octagon debut, he’s since bounced back with wins over fellow Contender Series veterans Mike Breeden and Genaro Valdez.

This marks his first bout in 15 months.

Mike Davis vs. Natan Levy Final Betting Analysis:

Davis’ inactivity and occasional tendency to take his foot off the gas are worrying, but we can’t see him losing to “Lethal.” Levy is less than the sum of his parts — someone with his wrestling chops and versatile kicking game shouldn’t be dropping rounds to bottom-feeders like Breeden and Valdez. Against a vicious striker like Davis — who also boasts the takedown skills to recreate Levy’s loss to Garcia — he’s short on options.

So long as Davis is firing on all cylinders and didn’t pick up some horrific unreported injury during his stint on the sidelines, he’s better than Levy wherever the fight goes. In the end, expect one-way traffic en route to a sweep on the scorecards.

UFC Fight Night: Josiane Nunes vs. Chelsea Chandler

Why Bet on Josiane Nunes?

Undeterred by a loss to Taila Santos in her second professional bout, Josiane Nunes rode a six-fight win streak into her UFC debut and promptly made it seven with a first-round knockout of Bea Malecki. 

Her two fights since have seen her take home decision wins over Ramona Pascual and Zarah Fairn.

“Josi” fights for the first time in 14 months.

Why Bet on Chelsea Chandler?

Chelsea Chandler followed her 4-1 stint in Legacy Fighting Alliance (LFA) by mauling Julija Stoliarenko in her 2022 UFC debut. Then came Norma Dumont, who out-classed Chandler en route to a unanimous decision win.

Josiane Nunes vs. Chelsea Chandler Final Betting Analysis:

The biggest question for us is whether Chandler can juice herself down to 135 pounds. She didn’t seem to be carrying much extra weight 10 pounds north — and as limited as Nunes is — Chandler does not want to deal with that overhand left while compromised.

If she pulls off the cut, though, it should be smooth sailing. Nunes is an extremely one-dimensional slugger who benefitted from facing some of the worst UFC fighters of the modern era. 

Chandler’s size, power, and vicious body attack give her a noteworthy edge on the feet and her ground-and-pound will ruin Nunes’ day if and when she gets on top. Expect her to out-bully the bully, ultimately muscling Nunes to the mat and raining down punches for her second UFC finish.

UFC Fight Night: Ode Osbourne vs. Jafel Filho

Why Bet on Ode Osbourne?

Ode Osbourne punched his UFC ticket with a first-round armbar of Armando Villareal on Contender Series, only to drop two of his first three in the cage. He got back on track with a 3-1 run but succumbed to Asu Almabayev’s grappling assault his last time out.

Why Bet on Jafel Filho?

Jafel Filho knocked out unbeaten Robert Echeverria on Contender Series to earn a UFC debut against Muhammed Mokaev, which saw Filho severely damage Mokaev’s knee, but ultimately succumb to a comeback submission. “Pastor” then survived an opening-minute disaster to choke out Daniel Barez four months later and up his recent record to 6-1.

His professional finishes are split 9:5 between submissions and knockouts.

Ode Osbourne vs. Jafel Filho Final Betting Analysis:

We are trying not to get reductive in our analysis, but Osbourne’s complete inability to deal with Almabayev’s ground game has me questioning his chances against a top-notch Brazilian jiu-jitsu artist like Filho. 

Though Osbourne has the edge on the feet, Filho showed remarkable resilience against Daniel Barez’s early blitz, meaning “The Jamaican Sensation” is unlikely to put him down before “Pastor” wraps him up and puts him through the wringer.

Osbourne has never quite managed to organize his impressive physical attributes and a grab-bag of skills into consistent success. Filho’s more focused approach figures to pay dividends as he takes down Osbourne in the opening minutes and works him over until Osbourne gives up his neck.

UFC Fight Night: Thiago Moisés vs. Mitch Ramirez

Why Bet on Thiago Moisés?

Once 1-2 in the Octagon, Thiago Moises fought his way to the brink of contention with a 5-2 run, the lone losses coming to division standouts Islam Makhachev and Joel Alvarez. This earned him a clash with fast-rising Benoit Saint-Denis, who overpowered Moises en route to a second-round stoppage.

He’s submitted eight professional foes and knocked out three others.

Why Bet on Mitch Ramirez?

Mitch Ramirez entered his Contender Series showdown with Carlos Prates at 7-0, only to succumb to the Brazilian’s power early in the second round. Undaunted, he returned to action less than four months later, knocking out undefeated Aireon Tavares midway through the first.

He replaces the injured Brad Riddell on little more than two weeks’ notice.

Thiago Moisés vs. Mitch Ramirez Final Betting Analysis:

Moises isn’t as terrible an opponent for Ramirez as Prates, who was custom-built to exploit “The Fight Stalker’s” weaknesses, but it’s still a rough matchup for the UFC newcomer. 

Ramirez doesn’t have a ton to offer besides low kicks and punching flurries — and considering the way Moises out-classed superior aggressors like Alexander Hernandez in the past — We don’t see him having much success here.

Ramirez is too limited and easy to hit to beat Moises on the feet and is the lesser grappler to boot, giving him remarkably few options with which to topple his more credentialed foe. In the end, the latter out-classes him in every area to re-enter the win column.

UFC Fight Night: Josh Culibao vs. Danny Silva

Why Bet on Josh Culibao?

After falling to Jalin Turner in his short-notice debut and subsequently gutting out a draw against Charles Jourdain, Josh Culibao found his footing with three consecutive victories, the most notable of them a submission finish of Melsik Baghdasaryan. His efforts set up a showdown with Lerone Murphy, who out-dueled Culibao to claim a unanimous decision.

Why Bet on Danny Silva?

Danny Silva started his professional career undefeated (6-0) before dropping a majority decision to Contender Series veteran, Canaan Kawaihae, under the Legacy Fighting Alliance (LFA) banner. 

After getting back on track with a first-round knockout, he took his talents to the Contender Series, where he overpowered Angel Pacheco in a slugfest to secure a contract.

All five of his professional finishes have come via knockout.

Josh Culibao vs. Danny Silva Final Betting Analysis:

The volume looks like the deciding factor in this matchup. Though Culibao has some impressively heavy hands, he’s weirdly reluctant to let them go, averaging little more than 2.5 attempted strikes per minute. By contrast, Silva landed more significant strikes in his fight with Pacheco (204) than Culibao has in six UFC bouts (201). 

Silva has some serious defensive lapses, but he’s a nonstop firehose of offense compared to Culibao’s start-and-stop attack.

Culibao needs to put Silva down for the count if he wants to win this showdown. And even though he has the power to do it and is a hittable target, we don’t trust him to seal the deal even if he does rock “El Puma.” On the contrary, Silva breaks him down with a barrage of head and body shots for either a clear decision or a late stoppage.

UFC Fight Night: Cory McKenna vs. Jaqueline Amorim

Why Bet on Cory McKenna?

Cory McKenna started her UFC run with a narrow decision win over Kay Hansen, only to end up on the other end of a close call against Elise Reed her next time out. “Poppins” has since won two straight, choking out Miranda Granger before overpowering Cheyanne Vlismas four months later.

This marks her first bout in almost 15 months.

Why Bet on Jaqueline Amorim?

Jaqueline Amorim was perfect in LFA en route to her UFC debut, which saw her dominate the first round against Sam Hughes before running out of steam and losing a decision. “Jacque” was significantly more successful her next time out, smashing Montserrat Ruiz late in the third.

All seven of her professional wins have come inside the distance, five of them via submission.

Cory McKenna vs. Jaqueline Amorim Final Betting Analysis:

We can’t be fully convinced that Amorim has fixed her cardio issues. Ruiz put up less of a fight than your average sparring partner, landing a paltry six significant strikes over 13 minutes. McKenna figures to put up more of a struggle and has proven her ability to fight through adversity, so if Amorim’s gas tank isn’t up to the task, she’s in for a world of hurt.

That said, Amorim so thoroughly out-classes McKenna in the latter’s wheelhouse that we feel comfortable picking her anyway. Top control is McKenna’s only major weapon, and between Amorim’s Brazilian jiu-jitsu credentials and wrestling skills, that’s not going to be enough. On top of that, Amorim has nasty power in her right hand and a nearly 10-inch reach advantage, so McKenna won’t want to test her luck on the feet, either. As long as Amorim doesn’t gas herself out again, it’s her fight to lose.

UFC Fight Night: Chad Anheliger vs. Charalampos Grigoriou

Why Bet on Chad Anheliger?

Chad Anheliger followed his Contender Series upset over Muin Gafurov with a violent finish to Jesse Strader when he made his UFC debut. He’s winless since, dropping a decision to Alatengheili and suffering his sixth professional submission loss to Jose Johnson 14 months later.

He steps in for Toshiomi Kazama on less than two months’ notice.

Why Bet on Charalampos Grigoriou?

Charalampos Grigoriou made his way to a 4-3 professional start before scoring three consecutive finishes to earn a spot on Contender Series. While at the contender series, he needed only 60 seconds to knock out Cameron Smotherman and secure a contract.

That knockout victory marked his sixth as a professional.

Chad Anheliger vs. Charalampos Grigoriou Final Betting Analysis:

As scary as Grigoriou looked on Contender Series, Anheliger looks like a serious tripping hazard, sporting what seems like the exact tools needed to exploit Grigoriou’s biggest weaknesses. 

He carries his power late, which is a great advantage to have against someone who tends to fade, and his counters are a great answer for Grigoriou’s tendency to charge in face-first.

Anheliger has to get Grigoriou into deep water to drown him there, of course, but he’s never been knocked out and Grigoriou isn’t a submission threat. He survives Grigoriou’s early onslaught, out-scrambles him when Grigoriou tries to lean on his wrestling, then melts him with a counter down the stretch.

Tuivasa vs. Tybura Betting Pick: Tai Tuivasa

Battle vs. Loosa Betting Pick: Bryan Battle

Nzechukwu vs. St. Preux Betting Pick: Kennedy Nzechukwu

Rodriguez vs. Dulgarian Betting Pick: Christian Rodriguez

Kianzad vs. Chiasson Betting Pick: Macy Chiasson

Meerschaert vs. Barberena Betting Pick: Gerald Meerschaert

Davis vs. Levy Betting Pick: Mike Davis

Nunes vs. Chandler Betting Pick: Chelsea Chandler

Osbourne vs. Filho Betting Pick: Jafel Filho

Moisés vs. Ramirez Betting Pick: Thiago Moises

Culibao vs. Silva Betting Pick: Josh Culibao

McKenna vs. Amorim Betting Pick: Jaqueline Amorim

Anheliger vs. Grigoriou Betting Pick: Chad Anheliger

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